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    so doc there supposed to go thru the jet like that ? Alot off people stated in the past that JD used genuine jets, So i'am guessing thats why some people experience jd kits working and some not EDIT: I just looked at my mains there the same AB then number but my 45 i received in my JD kit is a genuine 45 keihn logo stamped on it but i due notice a difference in the color compared to my other genuine jets there darker not as light in color
  2. Edward05

    2017 YZ250X Jetting Thread

    @Dconer1 right here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c4vdm0dkp17h954/AAAQ8UTocVN6NWdyXHUBO0cOa?dl=0
  3. yeah i cleaned the tube aswell i couldn't even blow thru it lol, She clean as a whistle now Thanks
  4. yeah that's whtat i thought just wanted to be on the safe side and make sure that sludge wasn't in there so i gave her a clean and putting it all back together now
  5. well here is a photo of the pv area
  6. my premix tank was always empty, Not sure about gas tank bike tho, Might have had some in it but it would have been really low tho from now on if i change oil ill drain the tank and splash pure gas in it to get rid old traces of oil same with my premix gas can To clean the powervalve i take off expansion chamber tank drain coolant take off rads and the the 5 or 6 screw that are on the front of it i wont take powervalve apart just use carb cleaner sspray it wipe it and go over it with a can of compressed air i don't have air compressor That sound about right?
  7. most of the time i ride alone and they ride 4stroke's now the pussy's, When i bought the bike i used motorex crosspower 2 stroke when i ran outta that i started using motul 800 and i ran out and a buddy of mine had a 4 litre of motul 800 sitting around he gave me so i have been using that the past what maybe 4 to 6 months. Just staring using castrol tts not long ago cause its near half the price for 4 litres But this time last year i would have been using crosspower 2 stroke i think and also different jetting aswell, Also ran 32:1 most off the time so i dont know what the cause is, I will start from the beginning again ill buy a litre of crosspower and put in my old jetting for a ride and see what becomes, I will deff report back My jetting for the 1st 12 months untill i decided to jet it right on a topend rebuild was the NECW 2nd clip 48 pilot 178main
  8. is there any way to stop this ? or where is the most common spot moister can be getting in ? Also since my pv breather hose is pukingall that would all that crap be up in my power valve? If so ill take radiator off and take that cover off and give it a clean Thanks for the help guys
  9. yeah i know the jetting is temp related etc and altitude i'amat seal level and highest temp this time of year was 18c i dont normally ride past 35 celcius in the summer rather stay home drink beer lol, So the Air screw only Affects idle and just off idle ? nothing else i thought it affect the whole range my top end is 43hrs old new head with correct squish @Motox367 The powervalve breather hose used to drip pure black but now its a thick milky sludge crap as seen in photo Also the bike used to just leave small black spots not thick at all after riding now its that got damn sludge i hate it makes it look like there is something wrong lol
  10. am running 95 octane now but was running 98 might switch back, I have a head with correct squish aswell
  11. Thank you very much DOC, One more question i hear people say jet for temps etc etc and say jet for your premix ratio etc etc 32:1 40:1 is only 50mil oil difference surley jetting wouldn't change if at all? So can you explain how to jet properly for you ratio i know more gas is richer etc, 10 litres gas = 250mil 40:1 - 32:1 = 312mil But before i was mixing closer to 33:1 calls for 303mil i used to just put in 300
  12. Edward05

    Weird Coolant Leak

    just had a look and both area are dry so far gave them a wipe down, starting to think combo poor jetting for how iam riding it and condensation here is a photo looks like the oring is coming thru ?
  13. That's the thing it used to be just pure black but small drops was fine with that as i know what it was from lol but i have never seen this crap before Could it be related to poor jetting? yeah its so called winter lol , i'am a canadian been here 12 years Could be just condensation just strange i don't recall seeing that crap coming out this time last year I looked at the spot where the oring is between the cases its bone dry Image Item 10 Ran across an old thread bout that oring failing so i decided to look and its bone dry around it, Also dry around the water pump area Thanks
  14. Yes that's exactly where it is
  15. was bout 13 to 15 celcius, I don't recall it being this color this time last year