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  1. that would be the back break rattling around lol rear wheel isnt on
  2. i just been ready thru the thread again to update my self i did the exact same thing i just took out the jd red needlesi here in AU i spent a $165 for it and its now sitting in the box iam so angry right now
  3. @Kinger317 Well i readjusted my TPS again the marks a better lined up this time also put in the N3EW-3rd clip 175mj 45pj and 40 power roughly 1 1/2 to just over 1 turn on air screw i didn't ride it but warmed it up in garage for bout 10 mins fiddled with the air screw after warming it up and it actually idles much better with the yamaha needle in again compared to the JD needle, also a bit better throttle response idle comes down a bit quicker as well after giving her a rev I will report back after i get rear wheel back on new GT333 going on plus new chain and sprockets, Will take a short vid when i get it going Just wondering what kinda mileage you guys are getting on the stock tank? with this jetting i was getting around 110k's pertank with alittle bit left i have not ran it dry but get about that before i get nervous about running out Decided to take a short Vid of it what do you guys think?
  4. I run Goldentyre GT333 rear and GT216AA "Fatty" perfect combo for the trails
  5. iam curious aswell always wanted to get a TM designs but never know what one to get lol
  6. Well my N3EW needle is coming intoday have my jd needle out and 175mj 45pj and 40 leakjet going to try the kingers setup and see how i go Will be a few days but i will post what i think of it
  7. iam prolly guessing is he had the suspension lowered. iam 5'10 and cannot stand flat foot, prolly shorter springs
  8. I run the same jetting and on long straights i have the same issue i went 175 main it it pulled longer and harder, But also had a really hard time to just cruise along it was kinda jerkey so i ordered a N3EW the other day iam going to try the N3EW 3rd clip 175 / 56 40 do you have a 250X or straight 250
  9. Whats recommended tire pressure? I have gt232 and fatty front on now runing bout 15psi front and rear But i now have the GT333 and fatty front coming I run HD tubes riding area hard pack dirt and rocky area's, Thinking on running UHD tubes
  10. that the IMS blue tanks? ahhhh seen post above its the zipty version
  11. Hey guys i'am looking for a chart of some kind to find out what needles are leaner and richer anyone have one? Thanks
  12. well its the best thing i done to mine i put the washer closest to the bearing back in and removed the one closest to the spring, a friend of mine removed the wrong one as stated in my thread best thing i ever done
  13. Hey guys i'am going to get the revolution kit soon ans just wondering if it has the Extra Hole for the Reserve Petcock? Thanks https://www.rtechmx.com/kit-revolution-yamaha/revolution/replica-yamaha.html
  14. Well it says this ill use this untill i can get more of the motul stuff Meets API SJ & JASO MA2 specifications
  15. i know lol,