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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone! Let's keep the conversation going. Not hurting me!
  2. I finally solved my situation. I literally can't park my truck in the garage anymore but I got a great deal on a 2014 hypermotard sp with only 1824 miles on it and kept the drz.
  3. This was something else that crossed my mind. Spend that amount of money and then tell yourself that it really wasn't worth it.
  4. I like the 41mm so far. It doesn't have any flat spots from what I can tell. It would be nice to try a 39mm on another drz but the community of drz's seems to be shy in my area.
  5. all good points. The more I look and think the cheapness of DRZ makes me want to keep it. Like I said. I really only have room for one ride so that's part of the issue. If I had my choice I'd have one of every type.
  6. Yea the dealer I am dealing with now has the enduro and waiting on the sm he says. But he did offer to put a set of warp wheels on the enduro for me. So I may entertain that.
  7. It would be nice if KTM still made the smc. I appreciate. I'll have a fcr 41 for sale soon if I make my mind up.
  8. Yea money is not so much an issue. I tried the 16t sprocket and didn't like it. Also have an fcr 41 and rs2 so it's pretty much what it's going to be without breaking into the engine. The 15/41 gearing isn't bad it's just the bike runs out of power. So I'll probably just pull the fcr and sell it if I decide to go that route.
  9. Thinking about trading my DRZ400SM in on a new Husky 701. The Husky seems awesome and I've been commuting 50 miles round trip on the DRZ, about 20 of it is interstate. Would the Husky be a better fit or would there be any reason to stay away from it? From what I've read the service intervals are pretty decent on the Husky. I know there are better bikes but I only have space for one and I want to keep a supermoto.
  10. This is my first post. I have been reading the forums since I picked up my 17 SM in January. The bike has the 3x3 mod, JD jet kit 160 main blue needle 4th position 25 pilot 2.5 turns on the fuel screw, and full rs2 exhaust at sea level (gulf coast). My issue was I pulled the carb yesterday to install an fcr only to realize that the company didn't send the intake boot with the fcr. So I decided to put everything back together so I could at least ride a little. Note prior it was running perfect. Got everything together and went for a ride. If I was in 4th or 5th doing over 50 and went wot then it would buck and sputter otherwise it ran ok. Long story short, I read and tried everything suggested on here. Nothing worked, but last night I found an answer buried in a post about capping off the vacuum line to the petcock and carb. Once I done that the bike ran perfect. So obviously there was a small vacuum leak at wot where the line was on the petcock. The line was on the petcock like normal but im guessing it stretched just enough from removing several times. Just wanted to share with everyone because I was scratching my head since all I did was pull the carb off and put it back on several times.