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  1. Does the shock have a remote reservoir? If so the nitrogen could empty Making it feel too soft.
  2. I drilled the heads off, just enough to get ride of the head itself. Then remove the cap and there will be enough screw sticking out to attach vide grips too. The screws drills really easily, so don’t drill any further then you have too
  3. I wrapped it in electrical tape to compress the piston ring down after stretching it a bit to install it. From what I’ve read, it’s what everyone is doing unless they have the specific tools
  4. Well I feel kinda dumb lol, for some reason when using a air chuck at the shop the shaft on my shock only came out a little. When I got home I used my shock pump from my mountain bike and the shock fully extended. Still curious at how tight the piston ring should be
  5. So I finally got all the parts for my rear shock off of my 2002 CR250R. I installed the piston ring by hand with a slight bit of heat from a heat gun and then wrapped it tight with electrical tape for about a week. Today I assembled the shock and the piston ring went in tight. Then when bleeding the air out of the shock there is a lot of resistance. I’m assuming that is partially because of the oil going through the valves. In the end when I pressurized the bladder the shock shaft didn’t extend out on its own. Should I pull it apart and try to install another piston ring or am I missing something? Thanks
  6. Ok thanks!!
  7. Awesome!!! Thanks for letting me know about that. Your xr650 sounds like a cool bike!
  8. Thanks for the quick responses! eastriech I was just on a Canadian web site that I order from and the bushing number worked perfect, but the seal number is showing for a trx450. You wouldn't have any other part numbers for seals would you?
  9. im curious in which aftermarket company would be the best one to go with?
  10. I`m working on the rear shock off of my 2002 Honda CR250. I order my new nut, piston ring and o ring with no problems. I finally got my seal head off of the shaft to inspect the bushing. You can see slight copper in one small section. None of the seals were leaking on it. I just got off the phone with the dealer trying to order new seals, o rings and a bushing just because its already apart, so why not. There claiming that they cant get the bushing and lower seal anymore. So my question to anyone with experience with this is with the minimal copper showing on the bushing, should I continue to run it another season or replace the complete seal head with a all balls, pivot works, or moose? Thanks
  11. Ok thanks
  12. Ok I will order up a piston ring and o ring. How is everyone installing them? Are you using the cone style tool to slide them over or just working them on by hand?
  13. I’m at 50.15mm, what do you think?
  14. awesome thanks for the info everyone, much appreciated!
  15. Hi everyone, I recently took apart the rear shock on my 2002 Cr250 to at least inspect it and add new fluid and nitrogen. The shock was showing any signs of leaking oil and it seemed to have lots of dirty oil in it. I was wondering how to tell if the piston ring is worn out or not. When shinning a flash light and inspecting closely you can see gold metallic starting to show. My other question is do most people replace the bladder every time they take apart the shock? The reason I ask this is because its recommended in my honda manual. The bladder dosent show any signs of cracking or distortion in shape. Thanks