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  1. thx for ur comments but I think I'm just gona leave it as is and if it leaks I'll just jb if u know what jb weld is it's not welding its 2 part apoxy it will work fine so stop saying lol I should weld it becouse I'm not gona weld it and I'm not replacing it becouse I can just jb weld and save some money
  2. And plus as long as it's not leaking in good and if jb weld stops it from leaking if it douse leak then I'm good
  3. Sorry if i was being rude at first it's just u guys are saying it's the clutch cover I don't mean to offend anyone
  4. And please stop saying clutch cover u can see from my pic that there's a gasket in between the part that is cracked and the clutch cover
  5. It's not the clutch cover ok it's the part behind the clutch cover and I'm not welding it it's called jb weld 2 part apoxy ok chemical reaction so don't say I should not weld it I can do what ever I want ok so just don't keep saying I shouldn't weld it jb weld will work better than a new part ok becouse it will make it stronger
  6. Holy guys it's the inner part not the clutch cover and god damn people jb weld I want jb weld I will grind a v in it and then jb weld it if it starts to leak for god sakes lol I don't need a new cover ok why spend my money when I can save it for god sakes it's not even leaking so why replace a part that's doing its job perfectly that's like buying a brand new car becouse ur car is dirty
  7. Here a pic to show u where it is
  8. Guys I don't need a new bike it's a ktm for god sakes did u here ktm the next best thing to huskavarna ktm Austria bike I'm not buying a new one plus mine is running perfect
  9. And I'm not buying a hole new clutch cover becouse I don't wana why buy a brand new clutch cover if it's not leaking I'll ride it in the spring if it leaks then grinder and jb weld
  10. Ok guys it's not leaking oil which means it's not cracked all the way thru so it's good if it's not leaking oil and if it starts to leak oil I'll just grind a v shape where the crack is and once the v shape is grinded to where I want it I'll fill it with jb weld and done and done say jb well won't work becouse it will
  11. Plus jb weld works good so I won't want to weld it becouse if it decides to leak it will be in the spring and the jb weld will be able to cure but for now it's ready to go in the spring becouse there's no leaks
  12. Guys it's not leaking and it's ab125 ktm sx 2 stroke race bike and if it douse start to leak I'll jb weld or use some silicone sealent but Since it's not leaching why change it if it start to leak I'll prabably jb weld it but it's not so it's not a problem lol but Im going to put a protector under the crank case so if I do hit something the crank case won't crack but for no it's not leaking anything which is weird becouse if the crack do go through it would leak becouse where I live it's winter and menace 7 and the metal would shrink becouse it's cold and for that it would leak so if it's not leaking in cold weather then it's basically not even a problem so it's ready for the spring
  13. Poldies4
  14. Thx highmarker for your info thx for the help ya I think I'll just leave it becouse it's not leaching oil like u said and polders lol it's not clapped it's perfect lol it's the bike I've always wanted so I'll pass on ur offer but thx anyways
  15. So I should just leave it becouse last night I could stick a little bit of my fingure nail in it but not all the way but then I wiped it with my fingure and it was not even wet before and after I stuck my fingure nail part way thru I do have this red silicone gasket seal that I used for the drain bolt becouse it was stripped and it stoped the oil from the drain bolt so should I put a little gasket seal on the crack just in case it cracks or should I just leave it as is and just ride it in the spring