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  1. FWIW, I've been running the TE 3X bar for a season now. Many turkey runs and a few enduro's too. I've had a few nasty get-offs with no issues at all. They do a great job of reducing fatigue and for me, they work very well and are all they claim to be. I'm sold.
  2. Kurt Flash

    Beta X-Trainer makes cover of Trail Rider magazine :)

    Just stumbled onto this thread while doing a search. Thanks for the kind words and for those interested, we did a long term ride review of the Beta 250 &300RR in our December issue. Check it out! http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/757317-trail-rider-december-2016
  3. Kurt Flash

    Trail Rider Magazine Demise?

    Hello! Just stumbled onto this thread while doing a search. For those interested, it's now been one year since we took over at Trail Rider. In order to actually make a living at this, we brought it back to a monthly print. I'm very glad to say, subscriptions have doubled in the last 12 months and advertisers are still very interested in print media. If you're a subscriber, huge thanks for the support, we're having a blast with it! -A huge high point for us was being the very first print publication to report the huge news of ISDE Team USA winning the World Trophy for the very first time in the 91 year history of this incredible event! For those who would like to subscribe, please visit trailrider.com there's a subscription link on the upper right. Thanks! Here's a look at our most recent digital editions: http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/807546-trail-rider-marchapril-2017 http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/792642-trailriderfebruary2017 http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/771894-january-2017-trail-rider http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/757317-trail-rider-december-2016 http://trailridermagazine.uberflip.com/i/742659-trail-rider-november2016
  4. Kurt Flash

    Yamaha it 125 running issue

    I've run Klotz Benol for years in all of my bikes. I run it 40:1 and mix it with AV Gas. As mentioned above, it doesn't mix with other oils. 25:1 is more oil than you need and actually a leaner mix as there's less fuel. Castor has unsurpassed film strengh.
  5. Kurt Flash

    1980 CanAm Mx6 125 restore/rebuild

    Nice work! Love Can Am's, I race an '80 Qualifier in the NETRA vintage series. As for your front fender, not sure if you're aware but Preston Petty Products is back in business and located in Vermont. I just got a pair and a pp HEADLIGHT/NUMBERPLATE FOR MY '76 250 Penton. http://www.prestonpettyproducts.com/
  6. Enjoying cruising around this site. It's been some time and had to re register under a new name (forgot the old name & pw) Lots off nice bikes here. The bike above is my favorite weapon for the woods, a 2013 300XC-W. It's fitted with a lot of goodies, Dubya wheels, Factory Connection suspension sprung and valved for New England rocks/roots. Pro Circuit Platinum 2 pipe (love it) Trail Tech X-2 light and 100 watt DC stator. Lectron carb, Twisted Engineering carbon fiber bars (greatly reduces vibration) Scott's steering stabilizer, Flo Motorsport radiator guard/braces, Flo 270mm rotor and every piece of bling Mojo Motosport sells.
  7. Kurt Flash

    50+ year old riders?

    55 here. Been riding since I was 7 yrs old. Riding is my life and my living. Love dirt.
  8. Kurt Flash

    2017 Supercross Atlanta Bench Racing - Rd8

    Unbelievable.... Pissed off!