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  1. loolser

    wr 250 x clutch switch

    i have found the socket, if someone is lookin for it i upload picture in attachment.
  2. Hey, i own 2012 wr 250 x. My bike has a changed clutch lever (this one doesnt have clutch on/off sensor) so i wanted to mount stock lever but i dont know where to plug a sensor cable. I take off lamp plastic but i dont see where could be the socket. My bike starts only on neutral right now thats a little inconvenience for me.
  3. loolser

    vacuum tap - PRI vs RES

    Oki thanks for reply
  4. loolser

    vacuum tap - PRI vs RES

    Hey, i own 2008 drz 400 sm which has vacuum tap. I heard something like ON=PRI so when i turn my vacuum tap (who has PRI ON RES positions) on PRI then its like i cant use res? I mean when fuel level goes to 3l or lower then engine just will be stopped? Can somebody confirm this?
  5. loolser

    15 - 49 gearing

    Yes it is good for wheelies, i can easily pull up with clutch 3rd gear i have mikuni carb actually top speed about 135-140 km/h
  6. loolser

    15 - 49 gearing

    I use 14/44 in my drz 400 sm and i am pleased
  7. loolser

    please for part number

    Thanks you guys it is 09280-71004 like Erik Marquez said. I believe it is the source of leaking because when my stator stopped working and i gave my bike to mechanic he said the gasket below the cover (arrow on picture in first post) is broken. He said it can leak a bit so i want to replace this part. Cheers
  8. loolser

    please for part number

    Hey, i have a little leak, i bet it is from this cover. Can you tell me part number of this cover and gasket which is below? Thanks
  9. loolser

    Sudco Keihin fcr

    i will take a shot. i hope the bottom of rev will get better as well as throttle response with this carb.
  10. loolser

    Sudco Keihin fcr

    He wants about 200$, is it worth? Thanks guys for you replies.
  11. loolser

    Sudco Keihin fcr

    Hey, im about to buy a sudco keihin fcr 39 carb to my 2008 drz 400 sm. The man who is selling this said i can put this carb without any troubles (its plug and play dont need anyhing more to buy), is it true? Don't need any custom spigot or something? He also said this carb doesnt have any hoes, i mean the only one is from tank, is this true? Here are some pictures that he sent me, can you take a look and say anything about it? Thanks in advance. https://naforum.zapodaj.net/b99af54ed020.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/cf81c7c0d855.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/5dc129cf124e.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/7d917dd7f12c.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/27802830bc7f.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/28114a28c5dd.jpg.html https://naforum.zapodaj.net/f27ab41ea969.jpg.html
  12. loolser

    dead battery, alternator? regulator? saddnes

    it seems like my stator is almost dead, i got 0.3V to 0.6V after giving some throtle. Checked also regulator and its fine one direction current flow.
  13. loolser

    dead battery, alternator? regulator? saddnes

    Thank you so much i will take a look at this later
  14. Hey, i have problem with alternator or regulator i believe. At the beginning of this year i bought a new battery thats why im sure its fine. Today i had problem with ignition so i removed battery and checked charge level, it was empty. DRZ is my commute bike i ride everyday so i guess battery should be full charged if everything works fine. So here is question how can i check alternator and regulator efficiency. What values should apear when everything works? What wires are required to make a test? Thanks for any respond i hope you guys can understand what i wrote.
  15. loolser

    Throttle Cable not returning

    i experienced something like this, in my case problem occured after tightening handbar bolts