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  1. Ali S.

    06 RMZ250 fuel petcock leak

    My 06 rmz 250 has a leaking fuel petcock. When i turn the fuel on, it starts leaking a lot. I dont know if it is leaking from where the petcock attaches to the tank or from behind the switch that turns fuel on or off because i saw 2 small philips screws that hold it on. What could be the problem?
  2. Ali S.

    2006 RMZ250 valve clearances

    I have an 06 RMZ 250 and I wanted to know the best way to calculate the shim sizes I need because I am adjusting my valve clearances. I am new to this and people are using different formulas so I was kind of confused.
  3. Ali S.

    2006 RMZ250 timing

    When i was assembling, i checked TDC with a screwdriver, the flywheel mark, and i lined up the dots on the cam gears with the chain and had 12 cam chain pins distance between the cam gear dots like it said in the manual. The manual said to have the other set of dots lined with the cylinder head surface. While the piston was in TDC everything was lined up but the dot on the cam gear was like 1 mm above the surface, but the cam lobes looked perfectly lined up and when i tried to make the dots level the lobes looked off. The bike took a while to start and when i was going slow in first gear and stopped revving, and the rmps dropped, it stalled, and i had to start it again. It was already warmed up but it still took a while to start even with the hot start. I dont know if the starting problems were from the bike being flooded or timing though.
  4. Ali S.

    2006 RMZ250 timing

    If I'm adjusting the timing on my rmz 250 and the timing is slightly or barely off, will it start? If it will would it get damaged over time or something? I just wanted to know just in case I timed it slightly wrong on accident.
  5. Ali S.

    2006 RMZ250 radiator hose

    I trimmed it as much as i could but the hose was designed straight not curved so there will always be a little bend at the joint. I dont have any pictures unfortunately.
  6. Ali S.

    2006 RMZ250 radiator hose

    My 06 rmz 250's radiator hose that connects the right radiator to the right case is a bent by about 20 to 30 degrees and I was wondering if that will restrict the coolant flow. I had to buy a radiator hose not for my bike so that is why it is like that. Will it stop the coolant from flowing or cause any problems?
  7. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 shifting parts installation

    I have the service manual. I realized I have to shift fast to get from 1 to two directly or it gets stuck in neutral and I have to go back to 1. I'm guessing that's because the motor has no oil and isn't running?
  8. I am assembling the bottom end of my 06 rmz 250. I have the service manual. When I got to the part that I need to install the outer shifting parts (shaft, star, pawls, etc.) I looked in the manual and doesn't give much detail in what I need to do. Do I set the transmission to neutral then install those parts, or is it a certain gear in need to put it in before I install the parts? The picture is before I took the transmission apart that was broken and I don't know how to put it back the right way when no parts are broken.
  9. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 shifting problems

    I have an 06 rmz 250 that im assembling. I replaced all gears, shifting parts, and bearings. I put the two inner cases together and the bolts and i wanted to test the shafts and shift drum to see if its working properly. The drum works properly when i turn it with my hand, but when i put the star part, the spring, arm, and the shift shaft, the drum doesnt turn. What is wrong?
  10. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    Kind of off topic, but the reason I took this transmission apart was because I thought it had a broken shift fork. I was right but I didn't know why it broke. When I was seeing if my new gears all fit together with the shift forks and drum, I realized one of the shift forks pushes the drive shaft upwards when I rotate the drum, and I think that's why the previous one broke. I put them together correctly so that's not an issue. Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, when I spin the shift drum and the counter shaft at the same time, the drum doesn't get stuck when I turn it. Is that normal?
  11. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    I never cleaned the bearings. when I took the cases apart I left it for a day and when I came back to it it wasn't smooth. I forgot check to see if they were good when I first split cases thought. When I put oil they were smooth as the other bearings.
  12. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    I put some oil in them last night and now they're spinning smoothly. I was also wondering when I put the case together, what I should use to seal the cases since this bike doesn't have a gasket. I have some permatex gasket sealer which is the tacky not hardening kind. Would that work?
  13. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    Just realized my drive shaft bearings get a little stuck when I turn them to a specific place and they're not as smooth as the other bearings. Are they rusted or something?
  14. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    What should I use to clean shavings and sludge out of cases without ruining the bearings?
  15. Ali S.

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    This is an update. I split cases without tool. I do have a manual. Took out gears and shift forks. One shift fork is broken in half and destroyed two teeth off two gears.