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  1. Brightonguzzi, you have been reading my mind, I've decided today that if I'm going to purchase a CDI unit then I need to bite the bullet and fork out for a new unit. Also I plan to go through all my electrics again to double check that everything is working as it should. The one area I haven't looked at is the Stator and to be honest I need to do a bit of research on what I need to look for in fault finding.
  2. The green ground wire has a round spade which the fixing bolt goes through to fix the coil onto its mount. I believe there is a good connection. Many thanks for the advice though, I really do appreciate everyone that is giving me different options to check. This evening i will post a step by step what I have done so far, hopefully this will give everyone a chance to give me other ideas on sorting out the problem.
  3. I've owned my Xr650r for nearly 2yrs and it hasn't missed a beat, the ignition barrel and key have given no problems at all in that time, I believe it has been put on my bike professional ly. After today where I've been learning how to use my new pocket multi meter is have checked the spark plug, checked the new and old coil, checked the HT lead and plug cap fitting, all of the mentioned appear to be reading the correct electrical flow. I will add a little later a description of how I used the meter just in case of have done all or something wrong!! I now believe it is the CDI unit. They appear to be like rocking horse sh[emoji21]t. I have put an offer on 2 uk in its that are advertised but If anyone knows what is my best option please let me know.
  4. You are welcome to visit me and tinker with my troubled Xr650r! There is no kill switch on my bike, just the ignition barrel and flimsy key. Fitted the new coil today.... still no spark, on my way to Halfords to get a pocket multi meter.
  5. Oh as for the kill switch... ive only had the bike for 18 months and as of yet haven't noticed one, I will have a look after my tea and let you know if I find it!!
  6. brightonguzzi, thanks for your help, I am going to take your advice and get a meter to make things easier, my Xr650r is14 yrs old now so I expect to encounter a few problems in the future. Also I've managed to find an online manual to help me. Thanks again for your great advice.
  7. Brightonguzzi, unfortunately I don't have the manual or a meter, so I'm almost trying to find the fault and repair blindfolded.
  8. Hi eastreich , my 2003 model doesn't have a kill switch as far as I know.
  9. Hi, thanks for replying. It is the Xr650r without the battery powered ignition, I tide it everyday on the British roads. I'm sort of thinking it's the CDI that's died. I have just ordered a new coil and ht lead, this was a cheaper item than the CDI so fingers crossed it cures the problem, if koto then I will be sourcing and new CDI unit, probably the CDI unit for the Xr400r, I've read this gives better performance. Please keep giving advice..... I need it!
  10. Hi, I have a Honda xr650r that has stopped running, I have removed my spark plug, put it back in the spark plug cap, rested the spark plug against the engine, also the frame, kicked the kick starter numrous times but have no spark. My bike stopped running whilst travelling to work on Friday. I would appreciate all of your helpful advice and comments, I'm not mechanically minded so would appreciate all the help you have.