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  1. I went 1 up on the rear sprocket and that made it great on the track
  2. Dude...take bolt out, yank that lame stocker off and throw it in the extras bin, throw that freshy on, put the bolt in and snug her up. Re tighten after a little riding
  3. It's a 2 stroke, unload it, fill it up, then piss on every corner with a smile on your face. That's what we do up here in the PNW
  4. I use the maxima spray on and it works great. Still have to knead it in
  5. Air screw for right off idle may be to lean? Maybe a power valve adjustment for the top? Or it's lean up there too
  6. I used just some dawn dish soap and maxima filter oil. I'll use a harsher cleaner probably ever 6 rides to get the staining out of the filter but basically as long as the cleaner is for an air filter it should be fine. Same with the oil
  7. You should quit crashing so much
  8. Have bought countless sets of plastics, all are straight and fit well
  9. Won't work as the kickstart will only fold in about halfway before it hits the frame so I run it in the stock location
  10. I agree the kickstarter position is terrible. I tried the rotate it back one notch but that will not allow it to close completely. I wonder if a kickstart lever from a Yamaha would fit the coupler from the Honda?
  11. That's a great looking ride, 2 strokes are cool but sometimes the freshest technology is a nice change
  12. Do not ride the bike, you will burn the clutch up quicker than that one drop of water that sneaks in your ass after the turd shoots out!
  13. I wouldn't see why there would be an issue as long as you had the paperwork and it was signed off when you shipped the item!