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  1. grantlagasse7

    Anti-theft/Theft Protection Ideas?

    i was thinking of making my own kind of latch secured to the garage framing.... thanks for making me feel dumb lol much more effective and easy
  2. grantlagasse7

    Anti-theft/Theft Protection Ideas?

    any chance you could post a pic of the set up all locked together? how do the anchors attach to the ground?
  3. grantlagasse7

    Favorite spots in northeast (or anywhere in US)

    check out Trevorton Coal Hills... kinda part of reading outdoors as mentioned above. about 3hrs from NYC
  4. grantlagasse7

    Anti-theft/Theft Protection Ideas?

    i couldnt find the right skin tone i wanted at the store i see youre also from MA and share the same opinions on landscapers haha i did the online quote thing with geico and didnt see anything about theft. did you call them or something? ill definitely be using some of these ideas with door hardware. thanks what do you pay for the tracking? and how does it work? something i can monitor with an iphone??
  5. Hi guys, so I'm moving to a new neighborhood in the next couple months and bringing my 2 bikes with me. The house has a two car garage with 2 electric overhead doors. The area has had bike theft problems before and I wanna make sure I don't lose anything. Aside from locking doors, what do you guys reccomend? I've looked into "ridescorpio.com" for a gps tracking device to stick on the bike. A little expensive I think. Kinda wondering about the following 1. Bolting/locking bikes to floor (concrete slab in Garage) 2. Home security systems 3. Insurance with theft coverage? Does anyone have this? What's it cost $?? Any other ideas would be great. Thanks