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  1. Rode the 120 ,steering was ok in sand to much traction soaked up trail trash pretty well. But WOW At81-110RC tire will change everything,turning,stopping,cornering,and get more information from the rear in a very positive way! Sooooooooo much better treat yourself to EVEN a better dirt bike,this machine gets better and better. My 2 cents Mike Bixby Ok
  2. Mike Hudson

    New hondas

    I really like the 48 sprocket brings the bike around track or trails,I to have the 3.0 rekluse and it rocks!. Did a top end and have a Vertex 14.1 in it now with a new crank and the bikes low end lets me lug or rip!!! Only thing I am going to change ASAP is the air fork is going bye bye.......Pro Circuit or Race Tech has the kit and that will be a game changer!!!! Let you later when that happens,also the AT81rc 19" is the best tire for this bije in the woods totally changes how it takes hits absolutely amazing! Mike Hudson Bixby,Ok
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    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    I have #443 2017 Crf450rx Total ride time 5 hours First thing changed the grips cut the handlebars down 3/4" on both sides. Went 1 click stiffer on the rebound 1click softer on compression with the forks. 1/4 turn on hi speed 2 click softer on compression 2 clicks faster on the rebound setting up for corners are more predictable snd straight line performance is incredible,deep sand is way more predictable. Increase idle 2 click ups adjust clutch freeplay by a 1/4" also give the throttle freeplay a tweak thats on the cable as 1/8 turn makes it way more predicted only flame outs I had after that was lugging in very tight woods but that is what the button is for. The bike does not like the sitting down position only in crazy off cambers and railing tight corners,it forces you to stand up and it definitely rewards your riding. I have ridden it totally stock and the only thing I have added was EE hsnd guards grips...........you don't need much more than this I leave it in mode 2 it does everything needed. I have a 2015 CRF250R mods include Bazzaz tuner,Rekluse 3.0,14.1 piston,fmf mega bomb twin carbon dual exhaust,270 galfler front 260 galfer rear pro taper fusion bars cut down to 31" ,works connection guards,hammerhead everything,AT81 front AT81 rc 19"rear,TBT suspension (spring fork coming soon to get rid of air) this is my Woods Warrior Racing machine! Rode them back to back and the 450 is BAD ASS, it is close to the 250 in mode 2 where the 250 is heavily modded in aggressive mode and geared one tooth off in the rear, I was totally amazed,the RX only needs a little revalve and just like is out of the box it can run with anything out there. I have found something I do not have to throw a bunch of money at to make it competitive at the scrambles or take it on a leisure trail ride with my wife or get down and dirty with buddies. Also everyone that rides it rethinks their next buying decision on a race ready machine if you know what I mean. Mike Hudson Bixby Ok