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  1. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Mods - What should I do to my bike?

    Good to know about the front wheel bearings as well. I guess I'll just use it until they go.
  2. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Mods - What should I do to my bike?

    Alright, thanks for the tips everyone! I'll take them to mind
  3. JackIsWack63

    Yamaha YZ250FX 2015

    Mine is stock so far, no mods, have a Yoshi RS4 coming in the mail soon, and I'm hyped! This is quite possibly the best bike I've ever owned. I've been through both the motocross and enduro spectrum. My past bikes were, in order, a CRF70F, KX85, a YZ125 and my current bike, this beauty, the 250FX. This bike can be taken anywhere. (And maaaybe the streets but let's not talk about that ) Open practice, sprint enduro, OHV areas, harescrambles, grand prix, it's done it all so far without any struggle, even stock. The 6th gear really helps to have at times, suspension feels great, good gas mileage for XC races, minimal maintenance, and all the other stuff you've probably read in more professional reviews. I absolutely love it. 10/10 would buy again. Hope the 450FX is this good.
  4. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Mods - What should I do to my bike?

    Don't know why I never thought of getting rad guards! Definitely a great idea. Thanks my dude At this point I'm not even sure what I can do to my suspension. It feels solid as of right now, hasn't bottomed out on me so far but riding has been scarce during the winter. Do you have any recommendations?
  5. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Mods - What should I do to my bike?

    That it did not, as far as I know. 1st owner paid cash in hand to a dealer with only the Limited Factory Warranty (30 days).
  6. Hey guys! A couple weeks ago I picked up a 2015 YZ250FX from an old guy who woods rode it but wanted something with less power. So far I've ordered a Yoshimura RS-4 Slip-On exhaust for the bike but I'm wondering what else I should do to it. I'm considering picking up a Twin Air Power Flow Air Filter kit that comes with a new airbox cage and some fancy filter thing, as well as a GYTR Power Tuner because it feels kind of rich. Are there any other mods I should do? I'm going to be racing with O.M.R.A. which has a harescramble series in the State of Oregon. Thanks!
  7. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Yoshi Exhaust - anyone in same predicament?

    Sorry for not posting, was busy the past few days working my ass off to pay for bike parts Yes they do, it goes by ISDE rules and state laws, the law here at all OHV areas is 99dB at 20 inches, at half throttle. Really annoying, actually turns a lot of people back from the dunes Thanks for the info. Hope my bike's a similar story.
  8. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Yoshi Exhaust - anyone in same predicament?

    Alright, I'll call them tomorrow when I have the time. Thanks for the tip about the slip-on by the way - I probably would have bought the full system if not for that. Jack
  9. Hi guys! I currently own a 2015 YZ250FX that I got a few months ago. I'm going to start running XC series races in Oregon with this bike. I am considering the Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless Steel but the issue is nobody has a sound rating for it with the optional spark arrestor in. I was wondering if anyone else had an exact situation. I'm relatively sure you can't combine the spark arrestor and 94dB insert with each other but then again it could somehow work. Anybody have any help? Thanks. Jack
  10. JackIsWack63

    YZ250FX Tune - Power Tuner only option?

    Meh, good point. I think the Power Tuner looks nice and pretty easy to use but sometimes I just like being able to use mouse & keyboard to tune bikes. I'm a harescramble fanatic that doubles as a computer nerd so I just really like computers this post wasn't a complaint against the Yammie tuner.
  11. Hey guys, I got a 2015 250FX used not long ago and I was wondering if the only option to tune the ECU is to use Yamaha's special GYTR Power Tuner tool. I just recently bought an FMF Q4 and Megabomb header for my bike and I just want to make a few changes to it. Is there a tuner that I can use with a laptop or do I have to use the tool? Thanks! Jack