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  1. Did you have to adjust your clip at all after two jumps on pilot?
  2. Yeah, before I set the float, I put a #48 pilot in and now it's down to 3 1/8 turns out. I'll check the float level and try a #45. I guess it kind of makes sense running 40:1 and I went up one on main jet to #180 with the pipe, and probably didn't even need to do that but wanted be safe with short silencer.
  3. I'm running H1R at 40:1, which I've always had luck with, so I know I'm a little rich due to that, but don't forget that both of these came from two diff huge east coast dealers, two diff years, and both more than 5 turns out? Floats set too high on two new factory bikes? does anyone know if these are set at factory and shipped, or adj at the dealer after "assembly"? I was starting to think that the 1 1/2 turns out, like has been listed in motox action for years, was just the point of highest rpm, then adjust from there due to temp,humidity, altitude etc, but I go from max rpm at 2 turns, to 4 1/4 for nice barely idle but snappy response, where every now and again it will stall...
  4. Two brand new bikes from diff dealers at sea level ? That would tell me that every new bike either needs a pilot or won't run, no????
  5. Just bought new 16 and took it out stock first week, and it kept dying. When I got home I setup the air screw, and it ended up highest idle was about 2 turns out, which made me think pilot is correct, but low idle with good response is 4 1/4 out. I thought this was weird, but my buddy just got a 17, and IT also came over 5 turns out, brand new, stalling after a few seconds, probably only needing slight dial in of screw. Is this normal? I always thought the screw needed to END UP about a turn and half out to be correct...or is that just for highest idle, and mine is normal? BMB