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  1. Tx_MotoNerd

    Yamaha xt225: Aftermarket upgrades???

    Mods, please delete. Didn't realize I was performing necromancy and resurrecting a nearly 10 year old thread. I couldn't figure out how to delete my post.
  2. Tx_MotoNerd

    Adding a battery... wr426???

    Anytime. The info you are looking for is near the bottom of the page. But you're going to find lots of great information both there and here to complete your project. Good luck.
  3. Tx_MotoNerd

    Adding a battery... wr426???

    Dtaylor389, Couldn't help but notice that you resurrected a 10 year old thread. Take a look here to hopefully answer a few questions you may have. It certainly helped me. http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?134832-WR450-De-Restriction-and-Conversion-to-YZ-Spec-Street-Legal-Machine/page6