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  1. df1w5

    Boots questions

    I ride trail stuff and have the Moose M1.2 ATV boots. Got them in 2013 and with regular washings after riding, they have held up phenomenally. The work boot style has incredible grip on the pegs and ground, and rarely do my feet get caught in the pegs. They do let a little water in when trekking through heavy water, but that's pretty much a given. I've only really ever had water come in when riding through huge puddles or in the rain. They're also quite comfortable for such a cheap boot and have provided plenty of protection for my feet and ankles for the riding I do!
  2. df1w5

    ISO jerseys

    Also, just in case I gave the wrong impression, I am willing to pay higher than retail price for the jerseys when they were bought new (if in good condition with no tears). Call me crazy, just want the gear bad enough to risk being called a fool!
  3. Still kicking myself in the hind quarters for not buying them when they were available, but hindsight is always 20/20. In search of One Industries Misfits jerseys, the yellow one and Die, Die My Darling one in size Large. If anybody has any and would be willing to part with them, or any leads on where to get them, please send me a PM, unless you're going to ask $100+ a piece. I have tried searching high and low on the internet (eBay, Amazon, CL, etc.) for at least a year and have yet to find any in a Large! Also would be interested in the 2014 pants (plain black w/ red patches) in a 32 or 34 and gloves in Large if anyone has them!