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  1. mossdragon

    04 kxf250 not starting

    cam gears havent spun when i set the timing the lobes were were in the right spot, will have a look at the fly wheel key and check the clearances thanks for the reply fellas
  2. mossdragon

    04 kxf250 not starting

    spark plug is brand new, will look at clearances tomorrow,you would know the specs? if i tow it for long enough it will start then run good for about 2 minutes then stall thanks for your reply
  3. mossdragon

    04 kxf250 not starting

    2004 kxf250 was riding back to the car on popped back tier as soon as i got to the car the bike stalled, would not start afterwards. tried to kick it over and it backfires, so i checked the timing an that was out so i fixed that an put a set of new rings in and also cleaned the carby, now the bike fires and will not keep running just dies straight away, what could the problem be?