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  1. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Did you use the bigger oring mate?
  2. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    I might go the allballs kit and take my aftermarket sprocket into KTM and get them to size it up.
  3. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Alright guys I give up. Over the weekend I spent countless amounts of hours trying to stop this leak, I lost count at how many times I switched things up, I tried 3 different size o-rings, sometimes with shims sometimes without, I tried doubling up on the original o-rings, I tried every combination available at my disposal. I don't know what to do, I don't have the money to put it into the shop, so my next step is to either go for the allballs kit and pray it fixes it, or go to KTM and buy an official sprocket and another KTM kit. But then if I do either of these options, and one doesn't work, or both don't work. I'm up shit creak. I'll be down another $200 and have know where else to go. (I'm from aus, the allballs kit will cost me $20usd+$45usd for shipping) Could anything else be causing this issue..? I don't think its lack of pressure from the sprocket, but then it doesn't drip out when standing still..? I'm confused and lost. lol edit: I found an Australian website that sells the allballs kit for $30 AUD I called KTM and they sell a genuine sprocket for $35 and a genuine kit for $27. Whats my best move here guys? the options I right now are buy allballs kit, test with current sprocket? buy ktm sprocket, allballskit? buy ktm sprocket, if the allballskit doesnt work, but the ktm kit? so many options, so little money
  4. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Nah i didn't but it did look like a leak as it splattered oil in a star shape from the countershaft gaps. Ill give it a really good clean before ridetonight see how it goes
  5. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Ok guys so heres the results. First i used the medium size O'ring and the skinny (silver) shimmy. I done this to try replicate the larger o'ring and larger c-clip that the allballs kit provides. took it for a 15-20 minute ride, minimal oil leak (i mean next to nothing, tiny little splash on the outer sprocket spraying from the shaft) which is a massive improvement considering it was going everywhere originally. (all over the chain, guards, chassie, gearleaver) Now I thought i'd try the bigger o'ring, just to get that perfect fit with NO oil leak, it was too big, I tried knock the sprocket in with quite some force, it just wouldn't fit. I then tried doubling up the 2 smaller o'rings, too big didnt fit. Then I tried the small o'ring and bigger shim, too big, didnt fit, I tried every combination I could think of fit on and the only combination of shims+o'rings I could get on was the the medium + silver. I used quite some forced trying to get all these to fit, but now I'm a bit worried. I noticed that when I had everything out, the shaft seemed to be seeping alot more oil than I remember, i could tip the bike on the side and oil would just poor out (i never tested that before, but I don't recall that happening, is there any chance that I damaged the bearings or something else? I was smashing at the sprocket with a hammer to try get the clip to squeeze on?) Its late now and I can't take it for a ride to test, I put the medium o'ring and the small shim back on.. I'll give it another ride tomorrow and pray to god that the oil leak is next to nothing like it was on my first test today, I could probably live with that, I'm assume i'd lose less than 10mm after a few hours of riding. lol
  6. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    I dont have the old sprocket sorry. I got these from a nuts n bolts shop today, what do u guys think i should try first? (Oring on left is original) shim on the right is about half thickness, the guy said the copper one may be too weak.
  7. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Haha thata good to hear. As ridiculous as this sounds i really cant afford to buy another kit (since ive bought two already) ive just moved into a new house and the wife will kill me if i drop more money on this bike right now. Might go buy a 50cent oring and squeeze it in. Just need the cheapest quickest easiest fix right now, itching for a ride!
  8. Imolate

    Countershaft seal leak! Fixed it twice

    Hey guys, first off I want to say hi to everyone and thanks for the quick replys! first off i'll start by quoting a few of you and replying to your questions/advice, lets get to the bottom of this shall we? (before my head explodes lol) The shaft has no wobble, but it does move in/out when tugged on by about 1mm? is this normal? The sleeve fights quite tight in my opinion, I can't pull it out with my bear fingers, I have to use a rag for grip and twist it out. I bought the seal/sleeve/o-ring as a kit from my local KTM store. Ok, some things i'll run over from some information I have picked up from scouring the internet for hours on end. The front sprocket is aftermarket, now I read there is a test to do to see if the problem is coming from the o-ring, or lack of pressure from the sprocket. I left my bike on a slight lean over night, with no sprocket, I checked it this morning. the shaft/sleeve/seal is completely dry. No leak, but when I run the bike without the sprocket, It does seep. Its when I ride the bike, oil sprays everywhere. Is it normal for the oil to slowly seep when turned on without a sprocket? (due to lack of pressure?) If not, does this mean its an o-ring problem? could I fix this issue with getting a larger o-ring or doubling up on the o-ring, my follow up question is (how would 2 o-rings, or a larger o-ring fit into the sleeves groove? or would it be ok to just sit on the edge/tip of the sleeve? Next question, if this is a sprocket issue, I've read a couple of suggestions, people have suggested putting silicon on the outside of the sleeve, letting it dry and then pressing the sprocket into it for a tighter grip, some guy also mentioned he made home made gaskets (LOL) out of cardboard cereal boxes that fit either side of the sprocket, just for that extra pressure. Others suggest a thicker C-clip, maybe this is something I should look into? what do you guys think? Should I go all out, double up the o-ring or find a larger one? should I also try create a tighter seal on the sprocket? If so, what would be the best way to do this (sylicone, bigger clip, cardboard gasket (lol again) Once again guys, thanks for the help! I really appreciate it as I would love to just get out there and get on the dirt! This problem has been driving me insane and has been an ongoing issue for months that left me to "ignore" the bike for quite some time. I would love to just give it to the shop and say "fix this please" but I don't have the cash for that right now.
  9. I have a KTM sx250, 2008 model I have an oil leak from the front sprocket seal, I have now replaced this seal twice and it is still leaking. 1st replacement - changed the seal, sleeve and o-ring. I'll admit to not cleaning the shaft to the best of my ability, but I put it back together and started the bike up, no leak, I did not ride the bike for longer than 15 minutes after the fix, after a week or two I noticed a puddle of oil on the floor. It was coming from the shaft seal. 2nd replacement - changed the seal, I used the same o-ring and sleeve, but I checked the sleeve for scaring and its still in perfect condition, o-ring is not stretched and is a nice fit. The seal is tight, 100% square/flush, I took the bike for a 5 minute test ride, noticed there was oil splashed everywhere, I took the sprocket off and ran the bike in neutral for a few minutes, it is seeping oil. I pulled the sleeve out to check the shaft for scoring, its clean and has not damage to it. I am lost guys, I have no idea why it is still leaking, if it is somehow shaft damage (that I can't see) I cannot afford to replace it right now. Can anyone recommend a solution, or a possible problem? I've spoken with a few motorbike stores and friends, everyone seems puzzled. I also watched the shaft for a wobble, its spinning fine and has no noticeable movement/wobble. Please help!