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  1. i know exactly what you mean bro
  2. was hoping to stay within the 2k range but kind of want to stay under that as its only going to get battered about, but that may change
  3. the only thing im not going to like about the ktm is the price tag haha
  4. at the moment trying to find someone near me who has a 450 that i could borrow for half an hour, seems like a few who used to have them swapped to 2t 250 as all the motocross tracks are quite small. my dad had an 07' or 06' crf450 a few years ago sadly at the time i had no interest was just having fun on the quad, but will definately have a look
  5. hopefully taking a neighbours 2008 crf150r and a ktm 350sx-f tomorrow for a spin (depending on work -.-) so might get a better idea of what cc to look into.
  6. its really going to be used on trails, and roads which are technically unroad worthy for cars (if you could get cars down the roads im on about i take my hat off to you.) As for street legality it doesnt need to be from legal factory its more of a matter of just incase really, not going to get pulled over its just if i decide to ride to a new set of trails rather than drive there with a trailer. hope that helps
  7. cheers mate forget to say i came from riding quads aswell haha, im also currently on a motorsports engineering course so maintenance isnt really an issue
  8. hi guys, new to the forum and looking for any information that you may seem helpful in order to choose my first dirt bike im 21y/o, 5ft11, weigh roughly 9st, and live in a very quite area with plenty of green lanes, trails and atleast 4 or 5 mx tracks within 10 miles of me. have had some use in motorbikes mainly with a honda dax and a few pit bikes. my question to you guys is what size engine do you think i should be looking for as a bit confused whether a 125 2t or a 250 4t, either one will have a day MOT as it will be ridden on road from spot to spot on. thanks for any info in advance