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  1. Wisdom? When it comes to the 50cc class, it takes a KTM to race a KTM.
  2. We’ve had lots of bikes but the ‘10 RM85 with Pro Action suspension was exceptional. Always ran perfect. My son said it handled best too. I’d go straight back to the RM in the 85 class. I hear the new KTMs are unbeatable though.
  3. BTD123

    Difference between 125 and 250

    If I didn’t have a bike and found a true killer deal on a 125 I would buy it and ride it until I found a killer deal on a 250 which is harder to find because they’re more desirable. Beware lots of killer deals on 125s are because a teenager destroyed it. Lol.
  4. BTD123

    TTR 125, what's next?

    At 14, step him up to a bigger bike. If he wants to go fast then get him a YZ 125 or a 250F. If he can ride then he’ll take right to it.
  5. BTD123

    I'm seeing this Eli won by 20 seconds

    I thought it was a boring race. So I watched Daytona again to make up for it.
  6. What kind it that? I like it.
  7. I’m alive thanks to one that I retired after cracking it right about where my heart is. I landed on a machete cut pine tree about 2” wide and 6” tall. I broke the shoulder off of a fox airframe when I landed on a sharp rock once too. So yes. It’s a must for me. Look at the FLY Revel I think it is. That’s what I have now. It’s very comfortable and well ventilated.
  8. When you give your son bike parts for birthday and Christmas and sneak a few things in on the orders for yourself so she only sees one bill and thinks it’s all for the kids.
  9. BTD123

    Who was that blonde with Tomac?

    Most likely the reason he loses focus.
  10. We have a 230 for that. They’re a blast for people that never get to ride. Easy to start, hard to kill too.
  11. BTD123

    Help! Better Carb for 2002 YZ250F???

    Use the NFPR needle. It came in some ‘08 models. It’s an OEM part. Do the O ring and maybe go down on the leak jet.
  12. He’ll be fine. We all learned. My son went from a PW80 to a KX 60. It didn’t take long. Man, that was three bikes ago. It won’t be long before he wants the 85.