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  1. I mean I don’t see any cracks or damage and since I’ve had it it’s never threw a chain.
  2. What does that mean exactly? Like a cam chain felling off? But no I haven’t had any chain problems since I got it.
  3. Swapped spark plug sap as-well. Shouldn’t be the plug because it ran when I got the stator The wires are all exposed. No visible damage
  4. Lol no I’m having the machine shop cut them
  5. Why do you think I’m taking it to the machine shop?
  6. i have it unplugged
  7. okay so i got a 05 crf80 from a friend who rode it as a kid. the bike died in him one day and sat after that. I bought it from him for 80$$!!! When i got it, I cleaned everything, changed the gas, oil blah blah... It had no spark. I eventually bought a stator for it and when i put it on it fired right up. Ran perfect. I had to adjust the clutch as it would only rev not accelerate when i got up in rpms. So when i was riding i pulled in the clutch and it died. After that again no spark. Pretty sure it threw another stator. My neighbor let me borrow his ohm meter so if anyone can walk me through the steps of checking the wire harness that would be great. PS i have never used an ohm meter. Oh ya and i tested the cdi, and coil by putting them on my 70 and it started fine. And also there aren't any like lights or anything that would draw extra power. Bike is completely stock!
  8. And ya the machine shop will check my guides out. Thanks tho
  9. Yep thanks. I ordered seals with the valves. Did a bunch of research before I did anything as I’m just a kid who won’t take his bike to shop unless the shop pays
  10. Appreciate the replies. I went ahead and ordered new oem exhaust valves n springs. Only 90$. Didn’t want any trouble because I was to cheap to get new stuff. At least I know everything is fresh. Fingers crossed my bike runs good and starts easy. As of right now she only bump starts:(
  11. Well I’m down to save my money. After those pictures do you still say keep em’?
  12. another valve discussion lol. So my intake valve bottomed and i ordered pro x ss INTAKE valve and spring kit. After i ordered i realized i should go ahead and replace my exhaust valves n springs which were in spec. So here are my options: Order oem exhaust valves and springs? or order kibblewhite spring kit and 2 black diamond exhaust valves. So I either run SS intakes with oem exhausts( is that alright to do?) or i spend more and buy the KW springs to use with the pro x SS I already ordered along with SS black diamond exhausts. SS intake valves and springs with new oem exhaust valves and springs? 110$$$$ ( for oem exhaust stuff as i already ordered intake valves) or SS intake valves with Kibblewhite springs and KW black diamond exhaust with KW springs? 290$$$$$ I favor doing whats going to last longer at once.
  13. So I'm having problems with my throttle sticking....i have a new cable, throttle tube and case.. i have this weird problem where my throttle sticks when i tighten the intake to carb bolts down.. if i back the bolts off slightly it will be fine.. but tighten them and it sticks... not sure why that happens.. anyone have any ideas?
  14. Its a Takegawa kit. Stock head with the takegawa camshafts. keihin 20mm carb. What you said about the idle screw is about where its at now. I'm pretty sure most idle screws are not out that far so I was curious as to why mine was... My cam chain was very tight when I put it back on, i had to fight with the sprocket to get it to allign with the bolt holes.?