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  1. Where is the picture?
  2. A really good site to see factory ktm parts breakdowns is I'm sure you can see what one is supposed to be on your bike
  3. this is on my 1998 300exc
  4. I have it need a picture. Its the bracket for the lower chain roller
  5. This is my next purchase. I've been checking this out
  6. What speedo are you using?
  7. I'm gonna trim my seat when I put my new cover on.
  8. Nice carb hoses!
  9. I'm not sure it's to different.
  10. Also mine has a black acerbis tank on it. I'm pretty sure it's not a bigger tank but also I'm sure it isn't the one that came with it. Anybody have a idea on capacity?
  11. This bike is almost 20 years old and has been at the same elevation if someone hasn't gotten it right yet I'd be surprised. I'm going to check it while I have the carb apart and then run it and check my plugs. The br8ecms are so expensive. Has anyone ran a different plug and had good luck?
  12. Cool thanks. I sat on it for the first time with the motor in it. I can touch with both feet tippy toes. Or one foot pretty good. I gonna try it like that first. Then I might cut the seat foam and try that. Have you tried cutting your seat down?
  13. Getting closer. I have to clean the carb and pickup some new fuel line.
  14. On my 300 the elbow on the radiator is turned down more. I can get pics if you want
  15. Looking good! White with the dark gray looks great.