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  1. I don't have any experience with the 38 on my 300. That being said, I've never been riding it and thought to myself, "Gee, I wish this had some more power". I'd guess you're in the same boat with the 250. On top of that, the 38 will use more fuel, which is something you said you're trying to avoid. I didn't really answer your question, but it's food for thought.
  2. CopenKagan

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    Like I said, I'm not sure if they were claimed or not. I just know there were a few sitting on the floor.
  3. CopenKagan

    2008 KTM 300 XC-W Rebuild

    Personally, if it were me, I would just replace everything while you're in there. It seems like a relatively inexpensive insurance policy, regardless of the condition of the existing bearings.
  4. CopenKagan

    17 model 300 XC/XC-W availability

    I was at The Edge 2 or 3 weeks ago getting some parts for my 2009 and they had 2 '17 300 XC-W's on the floor, and another Husky TE300. Though I don't know if they were claimed for not.
  5. CopenKagan

    Lectron Carb Worth It? 2017 KTM 250 XC-W

    I have a Lectron and love it. But my bike is ridden everywhere from 2,500 feet to 10,000. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it if I was only riding 500 feet of elevation change,
  6. CopenKagan

    28 hours on a 2015 250XCW: advice

    A lot of people spend a ton of money on these things, only to have them be placed on the backburner due to life getting in the way. It's even likely that it was sold due to this. Like has been suggested, take a good look at the external components of the bike. There will be indicators of amount of use.
  7. CopenKagan

    Intermittent noise at partial throttle under load?

    Great suggestion! I'll give this a try.
  8. CopenKagan

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Installed my Cycra ProBend bark busters.
  9. CopenKagan

    5 Mile Pass in the Winter

    Sounds like an awesome time. I'll have to give that a try soon!
  10. CopenKagan

    Intermittent noise at partial throttle under load?

    Interesting thought. I'll have to give it a listen tomorrow and see if it sounds like it's coming from from the chain.
  11. CopenKagan

    Intermittent noise at partial throttle under load?

    So I pulled the power valve cover off the side of the cylinder tonight and there is definitely some side to side play. Maybe this is the culprit.
  12. CopenKagan

    Pros and Cons of KTM

    I thought that was rule number 1 of dirt bike riding. Pick a brand of bike, then be a dick about it.
  13. CopenKagan

    Intermittent noise at partial throttle under load?

    So I've replaced my carb with a Lectron unit and it's making the exact same noise at the same apparent load and revs. So I'm guessing the chances of it being detonation are pretty slim at this point, no? I really wish I could pinpoint the issue so that it doesn't come apart on me on a trail.
  14. CopenKagan

    2013 300xc-w weak stator

    Have you used a multimeter to test what the voltage/amperage is for the DC out on the voltage regulator/rectifier? According to Trail Tech, your stock system is only capable of 30W DC, which obviously won't cut it.
  15. CopenKagan

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Replaced the speedometer cable.