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    Year: 2015 Elevation: 0-5500ft ASL Temperature Range: 50-85*F Smog (AIS): Stock Airbox Modified Top: No, stock Airbox Modified Sides: No, stock Backfire Screen: Stock Air Filter: Uni Pilot Jet: 45 Main Jet: 155 Needle: Stock Needle Clip Position: 3rd from top Fuel Screw Type: Stock Fuel Screw Setting: 2.25 AP Modified: Stock Leak Jet : Stock AP Cover: Stock Exhaust Type: Stock Exhaust Modified: Stock Pink Wire Modified: Yes I'm having problems with my bike overheating when i ride slower than 25-30 mph in 75-85*F weather. I've only had it a year but it seems like its overheating too quickly. My temp rarely goes below 220-230 and gets as high as 255 and I have to go over 45 mph to cool it down. I have GPI radiators w/silicone hoses. I'm planning on getting a radiator fan but I need radiator guards and braces first. Any suggestions would be good. Thanks.