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  1. hi everyone, Looking for some input on pros/cons of the husqvarana 501 vs the ktm 500. Out the door at my dealer here in california the fe 501 is $12,500. Everybody around my neck of the woods rides ktm. wouldn't mind having something different. just seeing what the overall reviews are of both bikes Suspension, motor, clucth, overall ride. customer support from both manufactures. dependabilty of both bikes. I Ride singlegtrack, woods, fire roads, dessert when i can get out there. Any input helps, trying to gather as much info as possible. Thanks everybody!!!!
  2. Motomania530

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    Hey everybody, New to the forum. Looking for some reviews of the new 2017 501. Whent and checked one out at my dealer today. How easy is it it to get Husqvarna parts. Have heard mixed reviews. is there a high maintanence interval on the 16/17 fe 501? Any issues with motor/suspension/clutch? Benifits and drawback compared to ktm 500? Any Input would be much appreciated. thanks everybody. Ground is gonna be nice and moist here in CA once spring hits
  3. Anyone have a new 2017 501? looking for reviews of the new beast. Whent and looked at one today, compact bike for lots of power.