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  1. So there is a steel outer jacket to the original oil seal? Ok I dont think I ever got that out of the hole. That is probably what is stuck in there. Any ideas how to easily get that out? thanks so much!
  2. I am trying to install an after market billet plug into the hole left by the decompression lever and the one i ordered from ebay is not fitting properly. this is the one i bought. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281954574779 I pulled out the old oring thinking that was keeping it from seating fully but that didn't work. I measured with some calipers the ID of the hole and it says 0.55 inches and the new plug OD is 0.61 inches. Do I need to grind out the hole or grind down the plug? Anyone encountered this before and if so how did you fix it? Thanks.