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  1. sarge1991

    CR80-85 Forks.. need a quick favor

    Bump.. No one has one really?
  2. Can someone measure the diameter of the point the triple holds the fork? My research shows 37mm but want to make sure. Thanks in advance, Jake
  3. sarge1991

    GoPro woods vid

    It was a little slick in some parts but Im not going to complain being able to ride december 26th in North Dakota! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151089647480455
  4. sarge1991

    Bought myslef an 05 CRF450X yesterday

    Definitely not 82 miles on it with leaky fork seals haha. A friend got 86 hrs on the fork seals of his ktm, and thats thrashing the bike. I made the exact same purchase actually, I paid 3k with a good amount of mods and probably a few more hours than you. Where you located?
  5. sarge1991

    Been out of the game for a while..

    Yeah I don't plan on downgrading to anything smaller than a 250f. Does anyone have any info on the ktm 350?
  6. sarge1991

    Been out of the game for a while..

    Need a little more info than just a make and model! .. What makes this bike stand out vs competing models? .. Whats the going rate for one of them used?
  7. sarge1991


    Just go see the supply sgt. and get a new bladder jk, just empty the water and tip upside down to drain whatever is left. Let sit overnight, should be dry in the morning..
  8. Well I havent been around the riding scene in about 3 years (found myself playing with turbo imports).. anyway Im looking to get back on a bike. My last bike was a 04 CRF250R. I raced harescrambles and consistently finished top 5. I havent followed many improvements the manufacturers have made, besides switching to EFI, so im seeking advice on what bikes are good these days. -I want to keep it a year or 2 years old. -250F preferably -90% woods/ harescramble type riding Thanks, Jake
  9. NASA coulda saved millions of dollars if they consulted these geniuses.
  10. sarge1991

    homemade bike stand

    Holy old-thread ressurected BATMAN!!!!!
  11. Yes, that pipe is Titanium. It has to be welded in an oxygen-less enviroment and will be very expensive. Good luck at finding a shop near you that specializes in Ti.
  12. sarge1991

    If you like WRX's.

    Wanna make it 4?
  13. sarge1991

    my bike got a makeover

    Vibration from the twinwalls sucks. Other than that looks nice!
  14. sarge1991

    She has no problem Barking!

    Nice dog! I had my springer for almost 13 years and had to put him down, a month or so ago. They are great dogs. I'd really like to get another