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  1. G_man89

    2000 cr125 38mm pwk

    I was thinking the same, I have the stock yz250 needle ne3g or sumin on the 2nd clip from bottom still a bit rich 1/8th throttle..Also I had a leaking head gasket I just fixed so that wasn't helping either lol ...Doesn't die now when I blip the throttle or get in a pull up a hill or sumin.. I think I'ma drop down to a 175 main and see how that goes. 48 pilot about 2 turns out Thanks guys
  2. G_man89

    2000 cr125 38mm pwk

    I mean like when I have the bike out of the power band like in 4th going 30 or so and try to WOT it will die...Maybe it's just me lol as long as I have it in the band it's perfect and plug is nice and tan colored 180 main 48 pilot
  3. G_man89

    Cr125 exhaust difference

    Ha very smart indeed good sir Good looking out
  4. G_man89

    Cr125 exhaust difference

    Yes sir 2 stroke chamber pipe and thanks for the clarification,still haven't figured out how and where to post stuff yet.. lol bit of a newb ha
  5. Hey guys not sure if I'm posting this in the correct spot if not please move this or help me real quick I have a 2000 cr125 will a 1999 exhaust pipe fit? I have searched the web and found nothing so far.... thanks in advance
  6. Ok guys I need a lil help here Got a 38mm pwk on my cr125 ...182 main 48 pilot ne3g needle 2clip from the bottom Pro circuit pipe,304 shorty silencer vforce3 reeds, br9eix plug If I choke the bike down in a pull and just roll on the throttle ezily to wot it will bog out and stall any other position besides wot it will do ok... Been playing with the jeting for a few weeks now all kinda dif combos Elevation @950 feet here in hickory NC
  7. G_man89

    2011 LEM RX 65cc

    Thanks man I'll check into this...?
  8. G_man89

    2011 LEM RX 65cc

    Got this bike for a steal and it runs pretty darn strong for what it is ...But can't find any info about it really..Anyone heard of this brand (LEM)or can point me in the right direction for parts/suppliers...?? It does have a slight miss and sputtor from time to time...I only weigh 140lbs so it screams with me on it lol 6speed