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  1. Nice mod. I needed more than 2.9 gallons so I went with the Safari tank. No battery relocation needed. Scored a used pump on eBay so swapping tanks back and forth is a breeze.
  2. Enduro R Rider

    Yz250f to 250fx?

    And an 18" rear wheel
  3. Enduro R Rider

    250 FX Radiator Fan problem

    I am sure its a sensor from another Yamaha or other brand. You can cross several sensors on multiple bikes. Things as simple as temp sensors are not proprietary.
  4. Enduro R Rider

    250 FX Radiator Fan problem

    I read a post somewhere on here that some guys were replacing their temp sensors with another that has a lower setting. I wanna say it was in the neighborhood of 180 degrees.
  5. Enduro R Rider

    New Bike Time

    If money were no object I would go for the KTM 250 XC-W TPI. Just sayin.
  6. Enduro R Rider

    17 YZ250FX vibration

    I was going to suggest that as well. I remember when they first came out and I thought it would be just another gimmick. Turns out they have become quite popular.
  7. Enduro R Rider


    I go by the manual only to the extent of thinking that every 10th oil change I get an oil change for free due to the leftover oil from each quart. Yeah, i can be a tight ass.
  8. Enduro R Rider

    2018 YZ250fx mods height etc

    Seat Concepts has a lowered seat cover to install on your pan and its lowers at least 3/4". Local upholster' only charged me $15 for the install. Good quality and very grippy as well.
  9. Enduro R Rider

    yz250fx starter

    Thanks for posting. I am sure quite a few of us needed this info as it will be quite helpful in the future. I would also state that if you have the correct seal dimensions you can usually get a double lipped seal in the exact same size for a little extra insurance. That what we use to do for our kids KTM 65 water pump shaft seals. We purchased the double lip seals at Motion Industries locally and they lasted quite a bit longer than OEM.
  10. Enduro R Rider

    WR or YZFX

    I was also choosing between the WR and FX. @honeybadger has it right. The FX is a better choice for several reasons. I wanted lights on my steed but the WR factory light is crap so I chose the FX for its performance out of the box and added a Baja Designs light kit. I also wanted more fuel capacity for longer rides between fuel stops because myself and some other old farts like to camp off of ours in the mountains so I bought a Safarii tank. It doesn't look bad and doesn't change the ergonomics. I just swap them out as I need them. The stock tank will get you about 60 miles depending on your throttle usage. I have a '15 which came with the magic button as well as the kick starter. If I bought a new model I would opt for the kick start kit as well. Never needed mine but you never know. I would not waste money on a new exhaust. As OEM exhausts go, this one is quite good in the performance department. You will only see gains on an aftermarket pipe if you are a fast B rider or A rider and even then, those gains are small. Spend the money on something else Good luck.
  11. Enduro R Rider

    XT225 Carb Question

    Thanks. Will do.
  12. Enduro R Rider

    XT225 Carb Question

    So it seems the previous owner of my "new to me" XT225 let ethanol gas sit in his tank for awhile and the carb is toast. Looking for a used unit but I cannot find the info on the correct make and model carb for a 2007. Anyone know?
  13. Enduro R Rider

    So who runs Tubeliss or Mousse?

    Yeah, the mousse seems like it would be almost bulletproof but I sometimes hit paved connector roads on the trail and worry about heat and friction between the mousse and the tire. Will probably go with the Neutech Tubliss rear as well. Not sure about the front.
  14. Enduro R Rider

    So who runs Tubeliss or Mousse?

    Thats great info, right there. Thanks for the reply!
  15. Enduro R Rider

    So who runs Tubeliss or Mousse?

    Then I am in the Tubeliss category. Thanks for the info. Any issues? Is it a PITA for changing tires?