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  1. Dustin Lewis

    2012 CRF450R no steering damper?

    Thanks alot guys for the info. I took the bike out over the weekend after changing the oil and coolant. Handling feels great and seems to be running very nice....well compared to the bikes I had when I was kid lol. These newer bikes are amazing! Might break down and get a steering stabilizer after I get the feel for it. And as far as suspense it seemed to work well at my weight. Thanks again for the advice. Here's my bike with my little girl and me chasing my son on my wife's little xr100.
  2. Dustin Lewis

    2012 CRF450R no steering damper?

    What's up guys, Much appreciation for the responses on my first newbie post. I rode as a kid, but now my son is into riding now, so I purchased a 2012 CRF450R. The bike is amazing condition and we'll maintained other than a just noticed the stock steering stabilizer is missing. I am a total newbie to these new modern bikes, so I didn't notice when I bought the bought. The bike also has Race Tech Gold Valves and something I didn't think to ask about when buying the bike from the owner's son. What would be the best route for me to take to address these two issues? Purchase a stock steering damper or purchase something like a Scotts? And as far as the gold valves...I lost the guys number to ask him what the setup of the suspension is or his weight? The product pin number that race tech provides is missing from his service docs? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Dustin
  3. Dustin Lewis

    Newbie Questions - 2012 CRF450R

    Thank you guys for the info! Much appreciated.
  4. Dustin Lewis

    Newbie Questions - 2012 CRF450R

    Hey Guys, I bought a 2012 CRF450R around 8 months. I decided to get back into riding after my Dad bought my son a CRF50 for christmas. I was following him around on my XR100R and was having a blast, but came across a cherry 2012 crf450r for sale by an older gentlemen that claims he rode it a few times a year and was meticulously maintained. The bike runs great (in my opinion?) and is stock other than a clutch lever, shifter, and Racetech Gold valves. Anyways had a family emergency that led to the bike sitting for over 8 months with 3/4 tank after only riding it for about an hour since I bought it. I fired it up a couple weeks ago after a couple kicks and seems to be fine. I have searched through the forums and found some info on draining the tank, but mentioned the tank was pressurized and needed a special honda tool to re-pressurize. What is easiest way to drain the fuel and do I need special the tool? Or since the bike fired up and seemed to be running okay in the neighborhood, just burn through the tank? Or could this cause damage? I have a service manual coming in the mail from ebay as I plan to learn to do my own bike maintenance and havnt performed a proper check of everything since I bought it, but was hoping I get some help while I wait for snail mail. Thanks for putting up with newbie crap. Much appreciation!