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  1. Owenfoye15

    1998 kx 125 strange piston wear

    that could definitely be a possibility. Do you happen to know what that problem is fixed?
  2. Owenfoye15

    1998 kx 125 strange piston wear

    The thing I'm finding strange is the wear looks like it's only happening when the piston is going down because it is lipped up
  3. Owenfoye15

    1998 kx 125 strange piston wear

    Cylinder is brand new 30 hours ago. I had a friend measured it and it was all fine. Only thing I can think is a problem with the connecting rod
  4. I went to do I top end on my bike because the compression felt low and it is now winter so there is not much riding to do anyway. When I took the piston out I noticed a lip had formed on the exhaust port side of the piston. There was no wear or scoring on the cylinder which I found strange. I put a new piston in warmed up the bike at idle with a few blips on the throttle. During this time when ever I would blip the throttle there would be a low quite sound like sand was in my expansion chamber. I blew out my pipe but the noise was still there. I pull the head of to just make sure everything look right after being ran and the piston had a small lip on it again. I've link a picture of the piston that I replaced with the new one.