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  1. California

    careful they might flame thrower your helicopter. Happeed in GTA: San Andreas all the time.
  2. chile picante are the best flavor curnutts
  3. california

    When ya gotta go you gotta go.
  4. california

    Imm confused did you buy it at Berts or the other place also isnt this the dirt bike section
  5. Make sure you do the ride a kangaroo experience i hear its sweet as mate
  6. He didnt say he was a pro. Remember what happened to the last kid looking for friends on TT??? Baby steps
  7. California

    I run E85 in my 525
  8. These guys are your best bet being on Cody Webbs level.
  9. California

    ethanol is fine in a bike as long as you ride it. + Lawn Mowers will be illegal in this state any day now comrade shoulda bought a raincoat
  10. California

    wat the hell is that well that doesnt look safe
  11. california

    Those look like qwad ramps
  12. california

    Since they are 3 wheelers why dont you just drive one forward and one backwards up the ramp at the same time next to eachother? Im a genius