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  1. gezongaz

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    Ryan - I should have added this before. I ride at 700' - 2,000'. I took delivery on my bike in early spring; my first couple weekend rides were in temps the 30's/40's/50's (From MN). A month later temps rose to 80's and I was stranded at the trail head with a bike that wouldn't get out of first gear due to bad jetting/settings. I ended up paying for the JD jet kit and have been trouble free since. You may not need it; but i did. BUT - this was my first real bike and the first I bought new. I didn't then (still don't) know much about jetting. This probably could have been fixed by someone more experienced...but it left me not able to ride that weekend.
  2. gezongaz

    2017 TE300 clutch issues

    Thanks for the response. I went back and re-read about the different bevel settings I,II,II and adjusted to III. The combination of setting to III and re-adjusting the clutch engagement point did the trick....it works great. its now easy to find neutral (while running) and I can almost push the bike (while not running with clutch lever pulled) while in gear. It's also fully hooked up while in first gear with the front wheel against the wall (spinning the rear tire)...I think I'm good to go.
  3. gezongaz

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    I did the usual protection stuff...skid plate, bark busters...etc. The improvements that stand out to me are A new reed set from mototasinarI (butchered the spelling on that ) LED headlight from baja designs (I ride public trails w/ 2 way traffic all the time) that head light is SUPER BRIGHT and really gets peoples attention early. Tubliss system & Tire slime really helps RK Techhead Riser handlebars...I stand most of the time and that helps w/ reach. You're going to really love it.
  4. gezongaz

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    I have a 17' TE300 - the RK Tech Head was the biggest improvement I made. I recommend one...even considering the cost.
  5. gezongaz

    2017 TE300 clutch issues

    Evening everyone - I'm relatively new to dirt bike maintenance...so excuse my ignorance to known issues/techniques. I have a 2017 TE300 with 150+ hours on it. The clutch was dragging pretty bad. I bought a new clutch kit and watched this video: Everything went according to planned until the 5:48 mark. I left the bolts in the holes they came out of...but lost track of the orientation compared to the clutch basket. I put everything back together using my best guess. My clutch is dragging worse than before...I've tried adjusting the clutch lever in every way imaginable. Any help? What am I doing wrong? how can i fix this. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. gezongaz

    Best looking Husky 2 stroke. Pics anyone?

    Where did you get that graphics kit? Looks sharp!
  7. gezongaz

    17' TE300 end of year maintenance

    Here's what I've learned since this thread died: The RK Tech head is great; get one. And change the rings while you're in there...It's a 30 min process after your first time. Have the suspension rebuilt. I had mine done at 120 hrs. and the tech said the oil came out like milk and that i likely pushed it too far. The new suspension is great again. I didn't opt for the more high-end upgrades...just stuck with re-building the stock set up. I'm not really good enough to warrant a $1k + suspension upgrade. I'll do the next rebuild by myself in the garage. The only annoying this is the transmission. It's difficult to find neutral most of the time & the clutch changes throughout the ride (even once hot). I have a rebuild kit to install over the winter...hopefully that will help. I've messed with levers, set screws, etc. and nothing seems to make it work any better. I've had nagging issues with my front brakes. They always seem a bit spongy. I've replaced parts, bled, reverse bled, really anything you can do aside from a new master cylinder...nothing seems to bring back that brand new feel. DM me if you're interested in a few take off parts. I was just about to post things on ebay. Stock silencer headlight bulb (not the lens) misc. stock plastics may be others..i'll have to dig through the garage
  8. gezongaz

    Are the husky subframes junk ?

    I think it's a fluke. I'm on my 3rd or 4th rear fender and never had an issue with the sub frame. I wish they had a smarter design for the plate carrier bracket...I'll rip that thing off at least once a month. I'm reckless and not very good.
  9. Put your pack in the freezer between uses. All the odors and funky stuff is gone...I swear by it... Store the blatter in the freezer
  10. Signal - I'm from Hudson and know of a few farm-road areas just across the river. They're more like dirt road/farm access trails...that would be fun on a dual sport more than a enduro bike. There is also the place in Hill City that hosts the hill climb. I've never stopped to ask if there are other trails but it's on my list to stop by next time i'm cruising around on the harley. PM me - i'd love to hear about your hastings place.
  11. gezongaz

    17' TE300 end of year maintenance

    Thanks everyone for the advice. It sounds like the RK Tek heads are no joke; the real deal.
  12. gezongaz

    17' TE300 end of year maintenance

    Thanks for the info on the head. When do people (non-racers) typically do the piston. At this rate I'll have almost 200 hrs. by next fall. Would that be pushing it too far? Or, is 200 hrs. on a piston fine? (assuming no dirt got in there). Thnks
  13. All - I have a question about general end of year maintenance: I bought a 17 TE300 and took delivery in May of this year - this is my first new bike that wasn't bought for $1,500 off craigslist; I'm relatively new to riding. All these hours were trail riding and the bike is stock (with exception to a few protection items) The bike currently has 88 hrs. & 1,400 miles. Oil & filter have been changed per spec/hours (mostly)...I plan on replacing the piston...but haven't planned on any other maintenance. I'm wondering what required maintenance is? I know what the manual says; but that can be overkill at times. Is it necessary to grease the swing arm joints? What else should I be doing? Is a complete tear-down in order every winter? Any advice is appreciated. Also - do performance/hi-comp heads really make a big difference? Are they worth installing?
  14. gezongaz

    Loaner bike for friends and family

    Cali's right. My wife rides the 125 a couple times a summer. Also - If you know what you're doing you can usually keep up trail riding with people on full size bikes. It's can really save your day when someone is stuck riding the 'bike of shame' (my ttr125 has power puff stickers all over it)