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  1. I'm sure you do what oil and ratio do you use?
  2. Wow man that's bad. You may wanna consider a top end ,switch twostroke oil, check jetting and float level. Or get on the gas bud no offense at all
  3. Ya check gap on them if haven't also
  4. Hand squeezers work good. Do few hundred a night for awhile it will help
  5. Keep riding is best way more the better
  6. You make sure that never happens on a fourstroke period lol. Raced bunch at track in Mexico ny sand track. Never once had sand in engine and I'd have that shit everywhere. Belray foam filter oil nothing gets by
  7. Can't figure out how to send pic in personal message but just thought to take this help you too. I converted measurements to inches in pm. make it easier to understand maybe for ya. Easy and very effective. If you dont do this for a fast rider it doesn't last long at all
  8. Lubes the exsuast bridge. I'll exsplain it later when have more time sry. Give you step by step. Or if you have a weisco piston they come with green paper says how to do it
  9. It's not hurting performance. Scrap out what you can and forget about it
  10. You're going to wanna do this lol just did same engine the other day
  11. Just saying lol but seriously if that thing is singing around tracks there will be no leaking oil anywhere other than that don't worry about it goin have fun
  12. Means you better get on the gas more
  13. When you get it off can you post pic of piston please. Currious to see if lube holes are in piston. Honda seems to be the only brand anymore that i have to drill holes myself in stock pistons
  14. Then I would look up stock settings start there. see if you like better