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  1. If you can jump 80' on a fourstroke you can jump a twostroke jumping is jumping . Start with smaller jumps work your way up
  2. Was there and racing there Sunday the short flat start helps him. Rc fell down and still whooped everyone
  3. Can't blame him I had offer one time to start in sportsman mod car . All I had to do is drive. I'm thinking now should've tryd it atleast. life long dirtbike racer with a rollcage i can relate. But racing my dirtbike on Sunday what I love
  4. Ok. Yours may already have one in it or bigger. But if you ever take apart and it's stock or .10 or .50mm let me know you can have it. I used the wrist pin is all
  5. Where I went to highschool and my daughter does now. Whitney point just few miles from old national track Broometioga.  



    1. Motox367


      Where I'll be racing Sunday :ride:

  6. We all have same thing in common tho = Dirtbikes and racing is racing you'll fit right in
  7. Thats a sweet vintage race bike right there. I remember reading in mxa was one of best bikes ever made. I would race the wheels off off that lol very nice man definitely jealous
  8. No racing and keep racing is what will make you faster at racing. Wanting to win and pushing yourself. Gotta want it and it's not easy. Been there done it
  9. You felt your first powerband
  10. Had it happen few times when ive rode a slower riders bike . Burns off the excess oil in packing. If you ride around putt putt for while then get on the gas will burn oil out. Keep riding like that it will clean out some
  11. I see your in Virginia. Use to go to cool track in west Virginia called Tomahawk. Would go south and ride in spring when still snow here. Sweet track got some cool big jumps
  12. Understand that 👍👍 small bikes are a blast to ride flat out. Good way to learn corner momentum I've killed few small bikes over the years. But I'm 6' 220 lol use them to race the locals and non racers more fun for me than on my big bikes
  13. Crank was ok before rebiuld? Is it going poof? Does it feel funny or can you hear noise kicking over by hand?
  14. No problem. Try a 125 or 250 twostroke bet you'd really like those. Far as wiesco or vertex can't go wrong with either or imo anyway. When I raced Kawasakis I only used oem. But knowing what I know now I'd use weisco