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  1. I keep mine very clean always worry about that. I take pipe off from stove to chimney beat it out couple times a week. Made a special chimney scraper I use from top down. And have a good stove on 5×5×2" blue stone slab. But ya some people let them get to built up you have to maintain it. My set up nothing fancy but works good. Good chimney helps also . There's mx stuff everywhere in my house lol
  2. If was on a dirtbike be much better then she's a 10
  3. Just sold a '11 last week but its a snow bike now. I really liked it but was my first 450 coming off twostroke 250's for awhile, I don't know if its just me not racing in few years but couldn't carve tight corners and rail ruts like can on twostroke. Seemed it anyway idk . strait line the its awesome hang on lol Im going back twostroke'n for bit then back to 450 but probably green this time
  4. Those were great battles I've seen them at Unadilla and binghamton. Where Stewart landed on RC at dilla is where most amateur racers watch from cause we pit behind there. Also one year at Broome (binghamton) RC fell over and still came back and passed Stewart. But that was awesome racing from two of the best. Also think was 03'ish Kevin windlem and RC battled good. Twostroke vs fourstroke
  5. yz125 1996

    From looking at pic the wristpin bearing looks wasted. Not normal no that engine needs to be split and rebuilt unfortunately
  6. yz125 1996

    Pieces of bearing race I bet. Big end rod bearing most likely or thrust washer chewed off maybe . Or is it the wristpin bearing? Looks funny in pic
  7. Go to a race now with the fourstrokes and you'd think diff they are going faster than ever. Faster the bikes get faster they go. but yes those guys back then were extremely fast no doubt on bikes like yours.
  8. Having rode new ones and old ones they are very close if old is fresh and tight. But there is nothing like a new bike. Sounds like you have 05 set up for ya probably wouldn't take much to make like new again. Your call ofcourse. Im actually going backwards this season going back twostroke on a steel frame 00' yz250. It will be competitive and fresh nothing fancy
  9. There's Alot of old twostroke races on YouTube. Check out the old CMC nationals good stuff. Sometimes they had 80cc expert class will blow your mind I bet lol there's tons .check out old races from Unadilla or carlsbad
  10. Loll Sry to panic ya . I did say its ok just looked alitte off and not a big deal Sry bout that. Spins freely you're good to go. 14mm deepwell socket on flywheel nut and whack with 2lbs hammer is how I center them either side , don't have to hit hard and no it doesn't ruin them loll done many many like that. You're good the man 👍👍 sry
  11. It will probably be fine long as isn't binding but crank doesn't look centered. Also shave the excess center case gasket flush with sharp knife away from opening. Did you get a gasket kit that come with more than one base gasket any chance? If not looks like will work
  12. Tighten cylinder nuts by hand till tight in x pattern. Torque head nuts to 18ftlbs
  13. Ok I ment myself whoops
  14. Most people on here can't even ride a 125 let alone a 500