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    What size bike would be good for me??

    I'm mainly going to be riding on the street I'd say 80% street 20% off-road/trails. (Maybe occasionaly slap on the knobbies for ripping it up off road!)
  2. Z71_Dirtymax

    What size bike would be good for me??

    OK thanks man I appreciate the reply. I don't know why I was thinking a 450 was a couple inches taller. And also another thing I forgot to ask is would I even be able to kick over a 450 only weighing 140 at most? Because my neighbor recently bought a YZ426 (sold it a week later) he weighs maybe 160 and I watched him try and kick it over as hard as he could putting all his A$$ weight into it and it almost threw him back off. I'm just wondering if I should search for a bike with electric start or Not.
  3. Hey, guys I'm new to this site and I was wondering what size bike I should get. Or what I would fit on. I used to ride a 09 YZ250F a couple years back until some scumbag stole it out of my garage! (never got it back) and I've really been missing it. But anyways I'm looking to get a supermoto for riding on the street and occasionally riding on some trails near me. I really want to get a 450 4 stroke but I'm only 5'9 and 140 pounds wet lol. so I honestly don't know if I will fit on a 450 I was thinking about the 300 exc. But if I could fit a 450 or even a KTM 500 that would be amazing. I don't want to go back to a 250 because I'll get bored of it real quick. Any help on what size I should get would be great, Thanks!