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  1. I am rebuilding my son's forks from his 2000 KX65 which I just purchased second hand. Upon disassembly I noticed one of the Fork Rebound springs is missing. Replacement parts are not available individually, however it is available if you buy the full piston plunger assembly from a 2003 RM65 (same forks) but it is expensive. I did find the Rebound springs for the 2003 KLX/DRZ forks are available individually and are cheap. Finally my question, Can anyone tell me if the KLX 110 rebound springs Part #44026-060 will work on the KX65 forks. Mainly I want to know if the Inner Diameter/Outer Diameter of the spring itself is the same. I can live with a slightly different spring rate since I would likely replace both springs. Thank you in advance