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  1. Here's something we can laugh about; Did you get the cam timing chain in backwards?
  2. You noticed the cam marks didn't line up, you should have stopped right there. Until you have your cam turning over correctly, you may bend up your valves. Start over, and check it twice before tightening anything.
  3. The variation in spring pressure (see above), will allow the forks to respond at a different time/rate. The harmonic, spring resonance is gone. They'll hit that stop at a spit second difference. That's where the 'clunking' comes form. Hard topping out. Simultaneously.
  4. YES IT IS! Thanks! Here's what the difference in the TB/BBR looks like ...
  5. I'm looking to find the e-address for the 'TB' cylinder's I've seen on some hopped-up XR's. I have a BBR set-up. but fear I will be loosing them as a source for my XR100. I wanted to get a set of the valve springs ( from BBR) and those titanium spring retainers. They sure help the engine to turn over easy. Thanks for the help, I'm going to try a 27mm carb and see if it helps. Bruce
  6. Yea. I think the biggest we can get on the front is the 14T, and in the back I'm running a 46T. Can't find any less teeth. The stock is for kids, no top end.
  7. that thing is real cool! Such history, I hope you get all the parts you need to turn that into good as new! Nice!
  8. So he probably raced it to death. I really like my XR100R, both of them. Friends and me have a great time! You did a nice project.
  9. 0 comments

    It's an XR100R, and you know what that is, or you wouldn't be looking at this.
    It's an XR100R, and you know what that is, or you wouldn't be looking at this.
  10. THAT'S NICE! That's a 16 front, right? And I'll bet you ride it like it's an 85. How much trouble did you have making motor mount plates/brackets? It looks tight, did you have any issues? That's clean, and I'll bet it can handle good with that extra power. Hundreds Forever!
  11. I could see putting a bigger motor in, and it would probably work. I'd like to see it done.
    I have 2 XR100's, and they both have one. It's like riding a big bike. All the noise, and added torque that the free-flow design allows. It's a GOOD pipe!
  12. The stud spacing for the cylinder is the limiting factor. There's a mechanical way around some things, but you need to make special parts.
  13. I don't know where you'd find stiffer springs, someone out there know about them? Speak up!