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  1. Michael Simi

    Fan Turn On

    I bought both the headlight and fan switches from Eddie. They are nice quality but simply came in a plastic bag, no instructions. I searched and found many places that sell Eddie's kit but none post instructions. I sent Eddie and email, hopefully hear back from him soon. I looked behind headlight and did not see any plugs that matched those on the switch. My guess is I need to tap into thermostat wires and those look like they are under the tank. Worst case I will take the tank off and chase the wires from thermostat. Would prefer to know what I am looking for first, Mike Note--cool feature on his light switch, when you shut off the headlight with his switch the high beam indicator comes on. Nice to have that reminder. The 'free power mod' also works great. My friend a Ducati mechanic did not think it would work. He was surprised when it did.
  2. Michael Simi

    Fan Turn On

    Ok, So I bought Eddie's kit but the connectors do not match the wires going to my fan. Where am I supposed to install? Behind headlight?
  3. Michael Simi

    Newbie confusion

    I loved my XR400, comfy seat, could lug it around at a snails pace, simple bike, bulletproof. At my size I "can" kickstart it but at my "age" I choose not too. If someone made a e start kit for it I would have one ASAP. DRZ400 E is an excellent choice if you do not need a plate, (maybe in your state you could). Ride it and if you just hate it what do you have to loose, a few hundred dollars when you resell it? Mike
  4. Michael Simi

    Newbie confusion

    I am 56, 6'1" 220lbs 32" inseam and live in CA. I ride a plated DRZ400SM with dirt rims/tires. I enjoy trails and single track and am an intermediate level rider. Lots of DRZ haters, but it works for me. I have an '01 E model as a guest bike. Both run great, bullet proof, very low maintenance and plenty of accessories since it is the same bike since 2001. Is the DRZ heavy, I guess but I handle it just fine. I ride in the national forests and mountains. If I were to buy another bike I would look at the small Honda or Yamaha. Try expanding your search radius. My must have's would be electric start, plated, 100 mile fuel range or ability to carry extra gas. Enough grunt to pull me up the hills. As a reference my wife has a new Yamaha Xt250, EFI dual sport. With me on it it will go anywhere I point it but suspension bottoms out and bike is small and cramped. XR400 is great, like a comfy Lazy boy recliner but kick start. Deal breaker for me. Mike
  5. Michael Simi

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Just looking for another option instead of Hollister. I would also like to explore Mendocino but rather not head out to a new area solo.
  6. Michael Simi

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

  7. Michael Simi

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Anyone riding Wed or Thurs this week? Looking to explore Stony or Forest Hill for the first time.
  8. Michael Simi

    Please identify this part

    Bar insert for sure.
  9. Michael Simi

    Going back to stock Exhaust?

    Go with the stock one. I changed out an MRD for stock exhaust exhaust. Minimal loss of power and tons more quiet. And since you have it the swap is free! Mike
  10. Michael Simi

    So I did this

    I have a user MRD exhaust for sale if you go that route. 96db as measured by park ranger. Quit core and spark arrestor installed.
  11. Michael Simi

    Seat foam depth

    Wow, that is great.
  12. Michael Simi

    Seat foam depth

    Show us a pic!
  13. Michael Simi

    Anyone gone to MMI College?

    I have not been to MMI either but I would think they should let you visit and actually sit in on a class. You can probably talk to students and get some details. The other way to look at this is talk to local shops and see if they hire MMI mechanics, or if they hire off the street. The other thought is check out a community College. I think they still have mechanical classes and you might look into welding if your interested. Hope this helps, Mike
  14. Michael Simi

    Seat foam depth

    I can measure mine tomorrow but I am pretty sure 1" easy may be more. One thing to consider, my shaved seat is pretty hard and even my son does not like to sit on it. My advice would be to see if you carve out a section near the front to lower it but try to leave back half stock so you will have a comfy place to sit when you want to. I have one more stock foam and going to try the saddle carve out. I do not need the lower seat but it nice to have when your in a sketchy spot... On a hillside or whatever. Mike
  15. Michael Simi

    What 450 should I get for trails

    Watch any of the recent Super Cross races and the 250 then tell me they do not have enough power. As far as make, pick your favorite color, it will not matter they are good bikes.