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  1. Bar insert for sure.
  2. Go with the stock one. I changed out an MRD for stock exhaust exhaust. Minimal loss of power and tons more quiet. And since you have it the swap is free! Mike
  3. I have a user MRD exhaust for sale if you go that route. 96db as measured by park ranger. Quit core and spark arrestor installed.
  4. Wow, that is great.
  5. Show us a pic!
  6. I have not been to MMI either but I would think they should let you visit and actually sit in on a class. You can probably talk to students and get some details. The other way to look at this is talk to local shops and see if they hire MMI mechanics, or if they hire off the street. The other thought is check out a community College. I think they still have mechanical classes and you might look into welding if your interested. Hope this helps, Mike
  7. I can measure mine tomorrow but I am pretty sure 1" easy may be more. One thing to consider, my shaved seat is pretty hard and even my son does not like to sit on it. My advice would be to see if you carve out a section near the front to lower it but try to leave back half stock so you will have a comfy place to sit when you want to. I have one more stock foam and going to try the saddle carve out. I do not need the lower seat but it nice to have when your in a sketchy spot... On a hillside or whatever. Mike
  8. Watch any of the recent Super Cross races and the 250 then tell me they do not have enough power. As far as make, pick your favorite color, it will not matter they are good bikes.
  9. No problems here. You just have to use a proper charger, like the battery tender brand unit. Mine has been going great for over a year with weekly riding and no tender needed.
  10. Send the pic to FMF, they have great customer service
  11. Ok, I think we all know the bike you have, I have an SM as well but converted it to oversized tank, fcr carb and an E model pet cock. So why are you only getting such limited mileage?
  12. Ali, have you identified the specific problem yet?
  13. I do not think it is jetting, like you said, it feels like it runs out of gas yet there is gas left in the tank. I am betting it is the petcock. Maybe blow air into fuel line and verify that it comes out of the long and short tubes? I am not sure how much fuel should be left when you run dry with the "on" setting. You could test it by leaving a moty tank on bike, switch petcock to "on" and see how much fuel you need to put in before it starts running out of the hose. Then switch petcock to "res" and see what, if any drains out. You can place tank on bike and just put a bucket under the drain hose. I used a regular fuel can with filler neck and set it on top of 2" blocks so stock fuel hose reached the spout. Mike
  14. Sound levels are a very personal preference. I prefer low noise so I use the stock muffler. You can find stock S or SM headers as everyone usually wants the E model for its larger diameter. I have a complete stock exhaust if your interested, would sell it for $50 plus actual shipping. Mike
  15. California

    Thanks for the offer Squid, busy with family for the next few days, then wide open! Do they allow small (30ft) RVs at that campground? I am self contained. Mike