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  1. ericsXr600R

    My new 650R dual sport

    Wi is tough but MN is easy. He should advertise in MN.
  2. ericsXr600R

    XR600R Decompression Arm

    Bork, Thank you. That is helpful.
  3. ericsXr600R

    XR600R Decompression Arm

    Hi mcma111, The part number shows it fitting 1988-2000 XR600R. Do you have any idea if an older one would fit? Like an XL600r or pre-88 xr600r? I know some of those have another cable spot for the auto decamp on the kicker, but maybe it would fit? Any help is appreciated.
  4. ericsXr600R

    XR600R Decompression Arm

    Hi mcma111, I might have to do a complete cover. I think I'll try some local sources and see what I can come up with. What would you charge for a cover?
  5. ericsXr600R

    XR600R Decompression Arm

    Hi Guys, Out for a ride this weekend and my 1996 XR600R lost compression after a round of de-flooding kicks. Got it back in the garage and found the decompression arm/cam was broken in 2. This is the arm that goes into the cam cover with the cable attached. The outside piece the cable goes to pulled right out and the inside peace was still holding the valve open. I pulled out both pieces and don't see any damage. Got it to start up as well. I tried EBay with no luck and Honda doesn't offer it any longer. Anyone got a spare from a dead motor or cam cover that I can buy? Thanks, Eric
  6. ericsXr600R

    Sold CRF450X and got XR650L- need advice

    The bike looks great!!
  7. ericsXr600R

    Sold CRF450X and got XR650L- need advice

    I can see you've received a lot of feedback already but I'll add my 2 cents. I have 3 XR's. A XR600R, XR650R and a XR650L. When I first bought the 650L I thought something was seriously wrong. No throttle response and it felt anemic. I have a TM40 on my XR600R and an Edelbrock on my XR650R. The stock CV carb was very disappointing. I installed a TM40 and its a night and day difference. The CV carb was clean and functioning as intended but really restricts what the motor can do. It will never be a CRFX but it can be so much better. The TM40 install and jetting specs are well documented on here. I wouldn't bother riding that bike without it.
  8. ericsXr600R

    XR500 carb issues

    It appears no one has responded to you as of yet. This is the right forum to ask about that bike. I used to have a 1984 XR500R and it was a good machine. It's been awhile since I worked on those carbs so I can't recall any of the jetting. But, as with any carb its imperative that they are as clean as possible. Especially the pilot/idle passages. An idle that fluctuates like your explaining could be a few things. The first would be sticking throttle cables. Put more slack in them than you would normally run and see if its better. The other cause could be a vacuum leak. Check your carb boots, etc. If your getting fuel leaks be sure to check the transfer tube between the carbs. These get brittle and can have cracks that leak fuel. If its for sure leaking from the overflow tube then replace the float needles and keep messing with float height. If it ran ok before then I wouldn't spend too much time on jetting.
  9. ericsXr600R

    My new 650R dual sport

    GN4 is always good but I have been using synthetic Rotella 5w-40. Its good oil and very affordable so I change it often. I run a non-silicate coolant at about 60/40 water/Coolant with some water wetter.
  10. I am still thinking there's a timing issue going on. "Something" isn't happening at the right time. I wish I could be of more help. Keep at it. I would look again at that trigger thingy that was off originally. Could something else be wrong with it?
  11. Looks like a good spark. HMM, IDK.
  12. Yes, its about flooding and running too rich. Same reason I suggested removing the carb. You need to isolate what is and isn't working correctly.
  13. Trying to think outside the box. Something is keeping it from running and I think you've covered the most likely stuff.
  14. It appears your very close. I would try two things. 1) Pull the pipe and make sure it isn't filled with gas and not letting the motor start. Long shot but possible. It looks like a lot of fuel coming out the muffler when you kick it. I've started them with the pipe off for a few seconds to see if it will go. 2) Pull the carb and try to start it with the carb off. After you've kicked it a bit (no carb) to clear it out give it a shot of carb cleaner in the intake to see if you get it to start for a few seconds. I've done this many times to isolate between Fuel, ignition or engine issues. If you get it cleared out and get it to pop off and run a few seconds then you probably have a carb issue. If it still wont start it could still be something else. Isolating if its fuel, ignition or timing is your primary goal so you know where to focus your energy.
  15. ericsXr600R

    XR650R Edelbrock Wheel Stand Bog

    Hi Joe, I agree, thanks. I'll raise it up a but and see if it helps.