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  1. Same story with me. EBay pegs too narrow. It was much easier to use my angle grinder and fit them rather than do a return. Took an extra 10 minutes.
  2. I was thinking the same thing when i read the title.
  3. I had the same issue on my new to me 1996 XR600R when i first bought it. Very annoying. The fix for me was to install a TM40 mikuni. Best mod I have on my XR. You could try and clean and polish the bore but its more than likely just worn and needs replacement.
  4. Red circle=Fuel bowl drain
  5. There's a lot of us ex road race guys tryna put together some trail skills around here. Where do you ride at? I'm in MN. I rode "Red Top" (below) yesterday which is a DNR trail system linked with pulled up railroad. It's a good mix. I entered a Sprint Enduro this year as a "C" rider and found out how rusty I am. Trying to get as much riding this year I can.
  6. Hi guys, 49 YO x club level road racer here. I've been riding most of my life but taking a renewed interest in off road. Been riding by myself lately to work on my skills. I tend to push myself quite a bit to improve and I started working out knowing I needed to get into shape to get the most out of my rides. I was always a fast street rider but too many close calls with cars and the occasional ticket has me pulling out of street riding for now. My riding area is a mix of sand, rocks, water, etc and a few very technical trails that have me working hard on my XR600. The group I've ridden with has a mix of skill levels including a ranked enduro rider. Sometimes I'm in the fast group and sometimes not. If they're a good group they'll wait at the trail head so everybody can catch up. Go at your pace or you'll go down for sure when you get tired. The goal is to enjoy the trail ride not get an ambulance ride.
  7. I think your gonna need to pull that cover off again and see what you did.
  8. My XR600R after a trail ride on Sunday. Mikuni TM40, CR500 front end. Worked flawlessly!
  9. I installed a 1991 CR500 front end on the XR600. Ive got some fine tuning to do but its a lot more rigid and should be good when I'm done. I also did a TM40 pumper so its got some good potential just heavy. Looks very similar to your pics. Mines a 1996. Once I get the CR running right I'll was thinking of a FWW. Its got FMF exhaust, but I didn't pay attention to the model. I know the can is a Shorty..? I already installed a kick stand too. I hated having to get it on the stand or use the prop all the time. I'll have to get some pics to share.
  10. Good looking bikes. I hear this motor is plenty strong. Mostly the same from 1997-2001, right? I'm used to my XR600R so the quick rev temperment of the CR will be an adjustment. I've owned a lot of older 2 strokes in my day but mostly trail bikes, IT, KDX, etc. I just did my first Sprint Enduro on my XR and it was a hand-full. I was hoping to get this CR ready for the next one and see if I like the lighter weight better. The XR I can leave in mostly just 2nd or 3rd gear and tractor around the course but it handled horribly in the sand washes of the MX section. I know the CR is not a perfect woods bike but ya gotta run what ya got. Thanks for all your help and I'll report back after I get it resolved. Eric
  11. Never worry about giving me more detail. Its appreciated. I am used to installing seals with the coil facing inward, as this is typically whats normal, so I am fairly sure that's what I did. The rolling part I never would have thought of. I do have an extra seal for that side so we'll see. Do you use any sealer on the case gasket? I cant recall if I did or not. I usually use Yamabond for most projects, but I might have left it dry since it was internal.
  12. OK. I really appreciate the input. I'll tear into it this weekend and see that I can find out.
  13. Thanks for your input guys. I double checked the oil level so I know its right. Im thinking maybe I put the right side crank seal in backwards. Hmm. How about the mechanical PV thats in this bike. I heard that can leak as well?
  14. Good morning guys, I have a 1999 CR250R that I bought as a basket case project. I tore it all down and rebuilt it. All new bearings, seals, crank, piston, re-nick, etc, etc. I've rebuilt 2 strokes before but I'm more of a 4 stroke guy. The problem I'm having is tracking down why I'm leaking/pushing oil out the crankcase vent while its running. I think the transmission case is getting somewhat pressurized. I did a few searches and it sounds like I could have an internal leak between the transmission cavity and crankcase or maybe a PV leak? I'm doubting the internal leak since I just had it apart, but if I need to tear it back down again I will. Any help on how to properly diagnose this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any input. Eric
  15. High idle can be; Mixture too lean Idle screw turned up too high Throttle cable adjusted too tight and holding the throttle open Intake leak-manifold Secondary carb not closing all the way at idle. Linkage adjustment?