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  1. ericsXr600R

    XR650R TM42-6?

    I have a TM40 on my other bikes and I had to change the needle jet, needle, main jet, pilot, air jet and AP jet. The needle jet is what the needle rides in and the main jet screws in to. I think some call it an emulsion tube. My guess is that mikunioz has already made these changes for you in their kit. Thanks for the responses. I just have to decide what I want to do now.
  2. ericsXr600R

    XR650R TM42-6?

    Thanks for the response. I did see a write up on how to mold the tank a bit and I am sure I could handle it. I realize we're on opposite sides of the world in regards to jetting but I am near sea level. Can you share your jetting numbers? I see your main and pilot numbers but what about the needle and needle jet. I know I'll need a smaller AP jet. Did you go from the stock carb to the TM42 or did you have something else? Thanks, Eric
  3. ericsXr600R

    XR650R TM42-6?

    In my own research it appears the stock tank will need some mods to clear. Similar to an FCR. I am not sure the extra flow will be worth the work on the tank since my bike is mostly stock. Currently my XR650R has an Edelbrock that works pretty well so maybe I'll just use that set up for awhile. Decisions..Decisions.
  4. ericsXr600R

    XR650R TM42-6?

    LOL,,,The silence is telling me to stick with a TM40.
  5. ericsXr600R

    XR650R TM42-6?

    Hi Guys, I have become well versed on the TM40 in my other bikes but I am considering the TM42 for my XRR. I don't find as much information on the 42mm. My bike is uncorked with stock internals. Firstly, will the TM42 fit without tank mods? I know the TM40 will but the 42 has a different configuration. I appears it might not need an adapter on the engine side either. Looking for opinions or any install posts that i might have missed. Thanks, Eric
  6. ericsXr600R

    Should I trade in my 650l for a 600r?

    I'm not the expert on differences internally for cam timing, etc. I will say that this forum is filled with everything you need to develop a path for your bike. Do some reading and decide what you want to do. My opinion is if the motor is ok right now I would not open it up. I would focus on suspension and maybe a pumper carb like an FCR or TM40. Some weight loss and a few mods will make it a nice all around bike. If the motor blows then rebuild it the way you want.
  7. ericsXr600R

    Should I trade in my 650l for a 600r?

    I own: XR650R, XR600R, XR650L and a CR250R. Different bikes for different jobs. The R is much better than my XRL off road but the XR600R is not far behind the R. The XRL is a good street biased, electric start bike. I have not modded my XRL for dirt though either.
  8. ericsXr600R

    Should I trade in my 650l for a 600r?

    If you have a trade offer on the table I would look at the condition and value of both bikes to determine if its a good deal. If your just contemplating buying a XR600R and selling your XRL I would ask how much street driving you're going to do. If you're plan is to use it off road mostly than a change to an XR600R is not a bad idea. Or another more dirt biased bike. But, mods can get the XRL very close. Well set up suspension and a pumper carb will transform the bike.
  9. ericsXr600R

    Xr600r carb pilot gremlin

    The puff is somewhat normal, at least on my bikes. The brass piece you see is mostly a plug that is not removable.
  10. ericsXr600R

    Xr600r carb pilot gremlin

    I like to inspect the air screw hole with a light and try to see any stuck on debris or an oring chunk thats crushed in place. I also use spray carb cleaner in all oriffices and compressed air. Look for the carb cleaner to shoot out of the other end of a fuel passage way. Note: I always wear safety glasses as well. Ive gotten a shot of carb cleaner in the face before. For tough residue I'll use an oring pick and scrape it clean (like the dentist). Also, be sure your air/fuel screw is not deformed and that you have the right sequence....washer..spring...washer...oring. I haven't worked on the stock carb for a while. I switched all my XR's to pumper carbs. Good luck. Keep at it.
  11. ericsXr600R

    Xr600r carb pilot gremlin

    Bike looks good If it idles ok I would think your pilot circuit is working, but its very sensitive to any dirt. Good power under full throttle? I would try raising the needle to richen up the mid range. Could also try a richer PJ to see if its effects it.
  12. ericsXr600R

    1986 XL600R hesitating

    I am going assume your not trying to rev past redline. I always start with a good carburetor cleaning. You don't need to separate the carbs but you should remove everything you can and clean each orifice. I use a combination of carb spray and compressed air. Once you are sure the carbs are clean and no air leaks, maybe look at the stator or pickup..?
  13. ericsXr600R

    Xr600r carb pilot gremlin

    What year? Single carb?
  14. ericsXr600R

    1999 CR250R Vent leaking Transmission Oil

    I thought I would put some closure to this thread. I was getting leaking out the vent but I hadn't installed the vent hose yet. The rubber grommet was there but not the hose and I didn't think it would make a difference. I was told to get it installed and see what happened. After actually having the hose in place it hasn't purged any transmission oil. Bike has a lot of power and no leaks. Yahoo! Side note: I am used to my XR's and even 2 stroke enduro bikes like IT200 and an older KDX250. I can really see the benefit to a wide ratio gearset when trail riding. With my CR250r it seems like I'm in 5th gear right away. I did go up one tooth on the front sprocket and it was much better for me. Not planning on doing any MX tracks. Thanks to all who responded.
  15. ericsXr600R

    xr600r carb debate

    One thing I will add to eastreich's post is if your looking for a used carb try to get the newest one you can find. The lower the hours the less likely it will be to need a major rebuild.