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  1. Newbie here. Can you give me more detail as to how to do that. Where is the rear axle located on the 450F? Thanks
  2. What I found worked was bringing my front suspension up a little. And this bike definitly wants to be riddin in a attack position.
  3. Thank you Thanks for your response
  4. Today my new bike felt a little weird to me. Not sure if there is anything actually wrong or if I am just becoming more aware of things about the bike. However it seemed extra..... "Boggy" (for lack of better words) in the low RPMs. So I may be hyper sensitive to everything that's it's doing now. So with that in mind I have posted a video and would like to know if this is normal or if something is going on. I am not sure if the noise is coming from the top or bottom end. Thanks for any help.
  5. How do I lower the rear without messing up my sag? Not being sarcastic I am faily new to all this and this is my first new bike. Thanks
  6. Sag has been set to 100mm. Clicks set to Manuel. Tire pressure was 20psi. Knocked it down to 14psi. Corners are not the issue. It's just going straight when I feel it.
  7. I just purchased a new 17' 450FX. The front end on this bike moves around a lot. It's apparent in almost every kind of dirt. It's like the front end has the wobbles. Everything seems to be tight on the bike. Is it the new tires? Has anyone else had this experience? I rode it for 6 hours today trying to get more used to it cause I'm suppose to race it in 100+ mile desert race tomorrow but this front end seeming so loose has me a little nervous. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. SHE FIRED RIGHT UP!!!! Thank you guys!! The compression ended up being the culprit but I learned so many new things that I didn't know through this process because all of you were willing to share your knowledge. Thanks again for everyone's help!
  9. Thanks for the info. I have already ordered new piston, rings and gaskets. This is the JD kit. I only know that because the guy gave me the rest of the JD kit that he had purchased for this bike. I will order some new OE reeds to put on and try that as well. Probably should start fresh anyways since I'm replacing everything else.
  10. Thank you. I will measure the cylinder and see if it's still within spec.
  11. Tell me more. How would I go about that. I have cleaned carb, checked for spark, done a valve leak down test, checked float height to spec and a compression test. How do I go about checking the choke?
  12. It did run 'ok'. It just wouldn't cold start. Had to bump start it and then once it was at operating temp it would be fine. If I let it sit for over an hour then it would not crank back up.
  13. Compression was actually at 150. Shop said it should be at 180+. Looks like I had low compression. Took the top end off today and ordered new piston and rings.
  14. I can't feel any of this scoring with my finger nail. It's very smooth. I have a new piston and rings coming tomorrow and just want to make sure this cylinder is ok.
  15. I can't feel any of this scoring with my finger nail. It's extremely smooth. I have a new piston and rings coming tomorrow and just want to make sure this cylinder is ok