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  1. Nickisriding

    Yz125 pipe guards

    Hello everyone! So I've just gotten my first 2 stroke which is a 2013 yz125 which I'm mainly using for enduro. Having the larger pipe in the front really scares me that I'll bash it on something like a log and have to get a new pipe. So far from what I've seen the pipe guards on amazon and eBay look like they're either a flimsy piece of metal to prevent scratches, or a carbon fiber thing that will re-enforce the pipe, but costs $200+. Does anyone know of a place to start in looking for something in between, or am I just being ridiculous and the pipe will be fine?
  2. Nickisriding

    Offbrand plastics any good?

    The color of the plastic is great but the drilled holes don't line up so I'll probably just drill some new ones. Thanks for all of the replies!
  3. Hi all! Just recently I've gotten myself a 2013 yz125 which is awesome! I'm planning on getting a new front fender (the existing one is destroyed) and I'm looking at the off brand stuff like acerbis or polisport. Online though the colors don't look like they're the same shade of blue, and don't want to waste time ordering a miscolored fender. Anyone know if that even happens? Or what a brand that has the same shade that looks good? Thanks