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  1. Electricfat

    DRZ 400SM vs DRZ 400E

    Are those fork socks I see ? They definitely suit the E rather than the boots. As this thread has followed the path of E to SM conversion do you mind compiling a quick checklist to complete the conversion smoothly. I ask this just to clean but the thread a bit. Thanks for all the information.
  2. Electricfat

    DRZ 400SM vs DRZ 400E

    The E is actually a street legal bike over here in Australia and also the most common of the DRZ family.The SM wheels should just bolt up but what about the rotors ? The SM has like a 320mm and the E has a 250mm.I'm guessing some kind of caliper work must be done. How does the bike go in the dirt with the bigger rotors ? I know there is a forum post dedicated to the E to SM swap so I don't want to get too much into it.
  3. Electricfat

    DRZ 400SM vs DRZ 400E

    Yeah I heard about the E having the mechanical advantage but a lot of the SM riders do throw the FCR on it etc. My biggest concern is blowing fork seals on the SM the moment I go offroad, I am not concerned about the others because I am nowhere near good enough of a rider to be bothered the mechanical disadvantages the SM has (New rider). I will upgrade components as I progress. Like I said at most I will go offroad 52 times a year the other 313 days will be spent commuting and riding the hills. PS: Daym Monk, that SM looks sick on knobbies !
  4. Electricfat

    DRZ 400SM vs DRZ 400E

    I have a question regarding these two bikes after doing a bit of searching around. Is it better to do a supermoto conversion on the E or do a dirt conversion with the SM ? The reason why I ask this is because I wish to ride my bike in both dirt and on the road. The majority of people I have heard mostly said to convert the E to SM as the SM has terrible forks for offroad and will just blow fork seals. However, I watched countless people on YouTube bash the shit out of their SM and nothing seems to be happening to their bikes. Personally, I prefer to get the SM just because I prefer the upside down forks as opposed to the telescopic and just by doing a quick search there seems to be a wider demographic for aftermarket components for the SM. Is there any mods I can do to the SM forks to make them more suitable offroad ? I heard they were like detuned RMZ 250 forks. I am no off road riding god but will hit the trails maybe once a week the rest of the time it will be used for commuting and hooliganism. Thanks,