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  1. anyone?
  2. Hi guys, so i'm buying a barnett full clutch for my 2015 KX250f But the listing says 10-14 I don't think the 2014 is any different than the 2015 in terms of clutch? I'm wanting to order it before the listing ends so please let me know! Thanks
  3. Okay, because it really only does it whenever I'm warming up the bike without giving it any throttle, but whenever I give it just a little gas it goes away. I'll try the idle
  4. Okay, haven't had time to take the whole engine apart. But I could check the tensioner. Do you think it's a faulty tensioner?
  5. My bike does it, my friends brand new 450 does it. When I was at the dealership I just pressed the kickstarter down and it lit up. I think it's normal
  6. It let's you know the motor is on, mine does it also
  7. Alright thanks everyone for the responses! I'll be taking the thing apart soon will update once I'm done
  8. Anyone?
  9. Hey guys, bought a used bike... Valves or top end DOES NOT sound right. Please tell me if you know what it is because I would rather fix the issue before it turns catastrophic. Here's the YouTube link to my actual bike:
  10. I just got this bike a month back so maintaince history is unknown. But worst case Is I'll open the clutch cover and see what's going on. Thanks for the response!
  11. Thanks for the quick response! But my 2 other bikes don't seem to have this problem only this one. It's almost as if it's dragging
  12. Hey guys! I need some of your guys help on identifying what is causing my clutch problem- So when my bike is cold (not warmed up) and I start to take off my bike is like really grabby and jumpy when I take off, it does not creep up when the clutch is pulled in. Just really jumpy on take offs. When my bike is warmed up and ridden for a while my clutch is perfect it's not jumpy or anything. Could it be stuck clutch plates? Warped steel plates or just a grooved hub? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys there is no where on the internet that gives a REAL horsepower and torque reading of the 2014 or newer kx100 and how does it compare to a crf150rb horsepower and torque? If you don't know please don't make stuff up I would rather know the real horsepower readings. Thanks!
  14. Hey I think it's your cam chain, it's loose most likely. Pop off the gas tank and your valve cover and just pull on the cam chain, if you can pull it up even the slightest it's loose causing the noise. Also while you're in there make sure the timing is right and only if you have the tools check shim also. But if the cam chain is loose you do not want to skip and not get a new one, if anything happens and it skips a tooth valve will most likely make contact with piston ruin your head piston and probably your crank. Cheap fix anyways