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    2006 CRF450R overheating excessively

    I got the bike recently from the original owner it has very low hours and is in great shape down here the trails are super tight and the sugar sand is unreal so it makes for some slow riding at times, it doesn't seem to be leaking from the water pump. The first time I took the bike out alittle of coolant puked out of the overflow I didn't think much of it, The next time I went out the sugar sand was a nightmare and made for slow riding, and the bike overheated it spewed a ton of coolant and the cloud steam was real bad
  2. Florida_TrailRide

    2006 CRF450R overheating excessively

    I'm trying to figure out why my CRF450r is overheating so bad, I don't know if I should get a higher pressure cap, a water pump rebuild kit, or what I'm stumped i have read so many forums and can't figure it out, I live in Florida and mainly trail ride.