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  1. STX15F

    Pro Taper Handlebar Install

    Appreciate all the help Dogger! Searched a couple of other threads and think I have the idea on how to disconnect the steel throttle cables from around the plastic notches in the tube.
  2. STX15F

    Pro Taper Handlebar Install

    Success! I dremeled the top screw off and the bottom one immediately loosened. I am going to replace with allens moving forward. A couples questions: 1. Do I need to loosen the throttle cables to get the tabs out of the original plastic throttle housing or can I just pull and pop them out? I am putting a metal Moose open ended throttle on. Any tricks appreciated! 2. What grease is used on those cables in the housing. Is it something special or can any grease be used? I am going to go with the foam tape trick to locate my drill points for the tabs.
  3. STX15F

    Pro Taper Handlebar Install

    Any specs on allen screws for the throttle housing? I went with the Zeta hand guards and also changing to the braided brake lines. The farkles were going on quickly until these screws slowed the upgrades. I went with the KTM/Suzuki Evo bars.
  4. STX15F

    Pro Taper Handlebar Install

    So I am going to drill these screws out and hopefully save the throttle housing. What size allen screws did anyone use when replacing the JIS screws out?
  5. STX15F

    Pro Taper Handlebar Install

    I searched and found 1 other member with the same issue. I was able to get all the other ones out with a standard philips until I hit the 2 on the throttle. I have a moose throttle and new grips waiting to go on with the Pro Taper fat tubes. They will not budge.
  6. How in the world do you get these two throttle cable cover screws out? Did they weld them in at the factory? Bought a JIS screwdriver and still no luck. Everything else came off no problem.