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  1. Its never smoked at all and I've been running it for a while and nothings gotten worse
  2. So I bought this bike about a month ago knowing that is blown making a weird ticking sound and upon disassembly I found the Piston was badly scored on one side and I suspect it was ran dry of oil? Maybe? The crankshaft had no play in it when I tried to move it neither did the wrist pin or connecting rod bearing and the camshaft was okay as well. So thinking it was just a piston making the sound I honed the cylinder and bought a Wiseco 11 to 1 piston in it. And the first start up was all good no noise but after the break in process the sound came back. The exact same sound!... So I checked and set the valves. Still nothing, same noise. I'm really lost here I've inspected everything top end that I can and still ticking/knocking. Help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.