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  1. jungletalk

    Dual Sport Kit CHEAP for CRF230f

    solid work! any chance you can direct me to those wiring diagrams?? i have a 2003 crf230f motor in a 72 xl250 frame trying to run all the lights to make street legal, i've been digging around for tips and directions, any help is appreciated!
  2. jungletalk

    1972 xl250 with CRF230f motor help

    thanks man this link helps a lot! so ya i do have both wiring diagrams for both bikes, and all i need now to at least get the motor running is: 1. air filter, thinking of going with a K&N universal clamp on cone airfilter 2. a battery, so going with a 12v might be over ambitious trying to squeeze a bigger battery, but i looked into the anti gravity small case lithium batteries and it seems like the 8 cell or even the 4 cell might get the job done. any thoughts on the lithium anti gravity batteries? reading up on it i think the 8 cell might be the most reliable way to go and produces more cranking amps than a regular 12v lead acid battery.
  3. So.... Spring project, I got a 1972 Honda xl250 with all the bells and whistles (in a box) with a 2003 Honda CRF 230f motor. I'm about to tackle the wiring and I just want to prep myself with some help and ideas before doing so. so here's the deal, I have the main wiring harness for the crf230f motor and I'm going to have to make the space to run a 12v battery. Any tips or ideas on how to run a new circuit to include all the lights horns etc that came with the og 72 xl250 ?? I also have the og wiring harness but I'm not using it to run the new motor.