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    Refurbishing Dirt Bike Plastic

    I just seems like any way you slice it, if you paint your plastics, they're going to chip/crack eventually... but I was hoping to be proven wrong haha. Anyways, I'll post pics eventually of what my bike looks like! And I've seen that video before, it helped me get a start on things. It also sounds like you probably went through a lot of wax then, ride200mi
  2. dalto21

    Refurbishing Dirt Bike Plastic

    Just curious though, Deetle15, have you ever tried to paint the plastic or hear of anyone doing so with success?
  3. dalto21

    Refurbishing Dirt Bike Plastic

    I did wet sand some, but not consistently the whole time since I didn't really notice that much of a difference in the surface. It seemed to help with washing away the bits of plastic that got stuck in the sandpaper and on the surface of the plastic more than anything. I also buffed by hand... I had a wool wheel that attached to a corded drill but it was somewhat difficult to use compared to just squirting a bit of compound on a cotton cloth and rubbing the plastic with adequate pressure. I found it easier to do most of it by hand so I could make sure I got all of the curves and grooves in the plastic. I'm sure if i already had some more dedicated tools used for buffing it could've been done easier but for someone who doesn't have that, it's a bit of an investment.
  4. dalto21

    Refurbishing Dirt Bike Plastic

    Just wanted to give an update to this thread and share my personal experience with trying to refinish my DRZ400s plastics. Overall it was a very dissatisfying and exhausting experience. By the time I had bought the assortment of sandpaper, rubbing and polishing compounds, and buffing wheels, I had come close to about half the cost or so of a new plastics kit. In the end I never was able to achieve the shine that I wanted, just a somewhat shiny matte finish. I'm sure if you follow Deetle15's advice you could get it to factory shine but I didn't want to take the chance since I had invested more than I intended already for this project. The only circumstance where you should even attempt to refurbish plastics should be if you have a vintage dirt bike of sorts and you can't attain new plastics by conventional methods. I first started by sanding off the old plastic that has lost it's luster with 220 grit, if there were deep scratches then I would use 120 to really shave down the plastic. After 220 I went to 400 until very smooth and then I moved on to polishing the plastic with rubbing compound by hand with a cotton cloth and then polishing compound. This left a very smooth matte finish with little shine. I had tried dry buffing with a wool buffing wheel but the results weren't that great to be honest. If I had known about Deetle15's advice I probably would've saved some money but at this point I'm just going to buy new plastics to so that I don't have to spend anymore time on this. The smallest amounts of dirt also get caught on to the plastic and are a huuuuuge pain to scrub out, that's what made me finally say screw it. Besides trying the string buffing wheel and mirror glaze, I'm honestly not sure what else I could've done differently to attain a better finish... so to all those out there wanting to try and refinish your plastics be forewarned, it's not as easy as it seems!
  5. dalto21

    Refurbishing Dirt Bike Plastic

    Could you be more specific as to what the polishing attachment would be? Is it just a a ole wool buffing wheel?
  6. Just recently I decided to refurbish my original plastics on my 2000 DRZ400s since they had plenty of scratches and the color had lost some of its luster. I decided to start working on my front fender with 220 grit sandpaper and then I worked my way up to polishing compound. The surface is really smooth now and the color looks brand new but I can't seem to get that "factory shine" no matter how many times I reapply a coat of polishing compound. It has a sort of matte look. I suppose I could just use some SC1 and just make sure there's always a good coat on there but I'd rather not have to rely on constantly re-coating my bike with that stuff. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to get that "factory shine"? Here's a photo below. Thanks. Dalton
  7. dalto21

    Good or Bad Deal?

    At what point do you think I would have to consider a major engine rebuild for the bike? Or would I be better off just investing in a brand new or refurbished engine?
  8. I'm currently considering a 2000 DRZ 400 with 31,000 miles on it. The owner wants $2500 for it but I think I could get it down to $2000 since it's so old. It seems like the owner knew what he was doing and took care of it well since he knew to install a manual cam chain tensioner, a radiator guard, 3x3 mod, etc. I know the DRZ has a solid motor so I feel like if the bike itself has been well taken care of, it should at least have another 20K miles in it, right? Am I wasting my time with this bike or do you think it will last me if I take good care of it? What would you offer for this bike? Here's the post: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/mcy/5989999685.html