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  1. Not entirely, but I did make it better. Seemed like temp made a bigger difference than you'd think. Did all of these things and it worked a heck of a lot better: lube cables often, rejet multiple times to find best pilot jet, added flexjet so that air could be adjusted easier, ensured airbox boots were completely on and secured tight, disassemble and clean/ultrasonic clean EVERYTHING in the carb (except for rubber seals), and kept idle a little higher than normal. One thing I never did before I sold the bike which I wish I did was change the main jet. Pilot was my thought since it was idle issues, but main could be the culprit too.
  2. I'm going to start off by saying I understand this isn't ideal, but would there be any issues using let's say an FMF muffler with a Pro Circuit header? Pro Circuit titanium is quite a bit more in price so looking for options. subframe mounting bracket broke off leaving a huge hole in the muffler pipe of my Ti-4 😑
  3. zDirtyDeedz

    Why so many airbox outlets?!

    As simple as dremeling out a hole big enough to fit in the 90 degree bend?
  4. zDirtyDeedz

    Why so many airbox outlets?!

    My first post was kind of a lead up to this. I have an FCR 39 and I know the Keihin on the E is similar, so I'm wondering if I should replace my old and beat outlet with the E or S/SM model?
  5. zDirtyDeedz

    FCR39mx jetting questions

    Tada!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNSB3DrqJqHTInjVDKKS4HNSHZPbdK0ElbfNI5HxuZg/edit?usp=drivesdk
  6. zDirtyDeedz

    Why so many airbox outlets?!

    Literally no difference? Yeah that sounds about right for Suzuki.
  7. zDirtyDeedz

    Why so many airbox outlets?!

    Thumpertalk OEM shows three different airbox outlets going into the carb for the E model, what's the difference? Is it for the different carbs the bike came with on the E? Here's the three I found: 13881-29F20 13881-29F00 13881-29FB0
  8. zDirtyDeedz

    Drz fork upgrade

    I just went through this whole debate and would suggest against emulators. You lose out on low-speed damping. Lots of money to drop on old tech forks. I ended up getting newer (2008) S forks I found on eBay for near nothing and swapping them out with my 2001 S forks. Didn't change out the rear shock with a newer one but had both revalved and resprung by a professional tuner. Night and day difference. I could not recommend it more. The bike is so steady and is easy to flick through canyons or track days. It feels like it's on rails and instantly gives you more confidence on lean.
  9. zDirtyDeedz

    Need a Quick Measurement

    Thanks brah
  10. zDirtyDeedz

    Need a Quick Measurement

    Anyone with an SM can you measure the distance between the two screw holes at the bottom of the fork casting where the fork guard bolts in? In CM preferably. Thanks in advance!
  11. zDirtyDeedz


    Could you elaborate more?
  12. zDirtyDeedz

    DR-z400E 2000 wont start when hot

    Not sure about Rafael but I was lean before and had the same issues. I went as dead on as I think I can get it, maybe a bit on the rich side, and still the same hot start issue. Mech confirmed my jetting should be good but he did minor tweaks and still same thing.
  13. zDirtyDeedz

    DR-z400E 2000 wont start when hot

    My S model is in the shop for the same thing right now. Valves were in spec, but hot starts are still bad. Cold start is perfect. Auto decomp might be the issue. Check your pin in the intake cam Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. zDirtyDeedz

    DR-z400E 2000 wont start when hot

    Did you end up finding out the issue?
  15. zDirtyDeedz

    Other Rear Shocks that Fit Dizzers

    Interesting, in all my research I haven't seen that, thanks! With Gary's experience below, I think that's a much better (read less expensive) alternative to an SM fork conversion or buying newer forks. I appreciate the personal experience and offer, I'lll take you up on it when I do the kit as well. Question. Have you felt or experienced a difference in forks with the kit and cartridge type forks? That was something I read as well, 03 and up have different rear shocks. Might make me more inclined to do the swap then.