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  1. Matt Bennett

    Headlight dramas

    Cheers noble, took it apart, cleaned the connections and blasted it all with GT85. Good as new. Thanks again mate.
  2. Matt Bennett

    Headlight dramas

    Hi Noble, it’s an 08 SM in the UK mate. It has on the left hand side the light controls, it doesn’t have an OFF option, only dipped or high beam. So the starter switch assembly on the right hand side? Take apart and inspect the switch mechanism?
  3. Matt Bennett

    Headlight dramas

    Hi guys, another niggling problem with the thumper this morning. Started it up after two weeks of being away and noticed the headlight didn’t come on. Flicked it to high beam and the blue light didn’t illuminate on the speedo either. I’ve checked for loose connections and also swapped the bulbs and none of that had made a difference. Has anyone had any experience with something like this before or have any idea what I should do. Really banging scratching my head over this one. Cheers.
  4. Matt Bennett

    DRZ keeps cutting out after full throttle stretches

    Belated reply BUT JJKTMRIDER, you were bang on the money. Vacuum pipe was kinked. Runs like a dream now. Thanks a lot lads.
  5. Hi guys, had my DRZ for a couple of weeks now and it runs almost perfectly. A little background on the bike itself, I bought it jetted, air boxed with a FMF system and it was serviced prior to me collecting it. My problem seems to be after periods of being flat out, such as overtaking or running through the gears aggressively. Once I even slightly come off throttle the bike does either one of two things. It either seems like it switches off with no response from the throttle OR after rolling off the throttle, it doesn't pick back up again and requires me to keep twisting the throttle and usually the bike burps back in to life. This only happens after being flat out, even after only 3 seconds or so. I'm flapping like mad, although the bikes works flawlessly when riding politely and Im worried as you guys know the bike slows down very quickly rolling off at speed and I don't want to end up getting in to trouble! Any help would be awesome!