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  1. Christopher Flip Knerr

    Yz450 Kick Sart Locked Up.help Please

    yeah. i was being stubborn. got the motor apart, and yall were right. thanks for the help, sorry for the stubborness
  2. I've toyed with the idea of using LiPo batteries too, I don't see how it wouldn't work. I've got a 7000Mah 7.4v lipo that would probably run a very powerful LED light for hours. Batteries like that can be had for $50. The best part is they need not be super high C rated or anything else that makes them really expensive.
  3. Christopher Flip Knerr

    Yz450 Kick Sart Locked Up.help Please

    FFS 1600 views and not a single good answer. i do believe i am on my own.
  4. Christopher Flip Knerr

    Yz450 Kick Sart Locked Up.help Please

    this shit is befuddling. i am experiencing this issue as well, but it is not just going away, it happens consistently now, it will run for seconds, everything binds up. i was told its the crank bearings, but i do not buy it. someone has had this problem and actually fixed it. to the guys that say do regular maintenance and it will fix the issue, shut up, good try, but this is the most baffling issue i have ever ran into. it has nothing to do with fuel., the only way valves could cause it to lock up like this is if the bike jumped time. if it jumped time, it would be simple, replace parts, ride bike. there are no signs of damage anywhere in the engine. it just locks up like someone threw rocks in the motor; then if you spin the motor via the crank, then its free and clear. kick it and it will either bind up, or it will fire, run for seconds, and then you guessed it, bind up i can not be the only person to have ever had this problem and actually attempted to fix it?
  5. Christopher Flip Knerr

    2007 YZ450F kickstart system binding up

    Drats batman. Really really hoping you're wrong here, boss. I've already ordered the parts I thought I needed to replace. If they fix it, I'll get back here with a confirmation, if not, thanks for giving me a heads up on the next place to look. Thanks.
  6. Christopher Flip Knerr

    2007 YZ450F kickstart system binding up

    Also, FWIW, when the bike is cold, it starts super easy, once it's hot it's fairly difficult to start. Suspect valves are slightly too tight. But that's a job for a running bike.
  7. Christopher Flip Knerr

    2007 YZ450F kickstart system binding up

    Alrighty team, I need help in a bad way. I've scoured the interpersonal for days now trying to find some light on my issue and have found /almost/ nothing. I've seen one comment in some thread deep in the internet where the guy described the problem I am having, but that was it. No solution. So this is what's happening- I bought a 2007 YZ450F for my buddy to ride last week, he rode it all day Saturday with no issues, that evening I loaded up the KX450F and left to get ready to ride some motos at soggy bottom MX in Kentucky. And he would come with the YZ. He tells me after I left they (him & his brother) had a hard time getting it started to go goon ride in the front yard. Now, I have to coach him all the time not to put his whole body weight down on the kick lever when he starts it, but to give it a nice hard kick using his leg muscles rather than jumping on the lever. Anyhow, fast forward to AFTER he drove 3 hours to the track, he makes it a quarter lap and gets stuck in some super deep mud, crashes, and stalls the bike. Proceeds to kick the pissed out of it, finally it fires, runs for about a second then locks tightly up. Well damn, we bought a lemon. Take it home cleaned it up, then last night we did some trouble shooting, with the bike in gear, the tire wasn't even thinking about moving, clutch in, she rolls east, so now we know the motor is seized. Right? Wrong. Pull the timing plugs off, and gave the crank nut a little force in reverse of the normal cycle (I suspected bent valve/jumped time) and with a slight thunk it broke free and everything spun freely, after further inspection, it was obvious the bike was in time. So then my suspicion turned back to the kick start mechanism. Started cranking on it without a spark plug in it, sure enough, after 3-4 cranks, everything bound up tight again. Okay, now we need to inspect the gears in the starting system for broken teeth. *proceeds to cus my buddy for kicking too hard* we pull the side cover off, and we're hoping to see broken teeth or something obvious like that, but no cigar. Then I thought well maybe something is loose, and started kinda pushing/pulling on all the gears, the idler gear seemed to have 5° of play in it, I guess the best way to describe the play is wobble? Not up and down or side to side, but if I pushed down on the bottom side the top of it, at the other end of the gear would raise. I hope that makes sense lol Anyhow, after determining nothing was BROKEN internally we buttoned it all back up to see if it would start. Several PROPER kicks layer, boom it gets fire. Then after about a second, locks THIGHTLY back up and dies instantly. So knowing what we know now, we simply turned the rear tire in reverse, and bang it turns over again, so we kick it again, it fires, then after about 4 seconds, boom. Locks up again. At which point I realized what we were doing wasn't the best idea I had ever had. So we put the tools down and turned to the interwebs for solutions. After not finding any, here I am. Again, I searched all over before posting, and have been active in and using forums for years, so I know the drill, if this has been asked, flame away, otherwise, and GOOD info will be appreciated.